Science & Origin of Tugtupite

Tugtupite is an extremely rare aluminium beryllium sodium chlorine silicate mineral and member of the feldspathoid family (minerals that resemble feldspars, but have much lower silica content). It usually is found on large masses of Albite with inclusions, as well as near hydrothermal Sodalite veins. Occasionally, the minerals can even occur together, creating an extremely valuable specimen. The color can range from light red to a dark crimson that can brighten and alter its own appearance when exposed to light. This natural occurring phenomenon is called reverse photochromism, also known as being tenebrescent.

Tugtupite was first discovered in 1962 in Tugtup Agtâkorfia, Narsaq municipality, Greenland. Obviously it was named after it’s original locality, which is derived from the Greenlandic Inuit word “Tuttu”, that corresponds to “Reindeer, or Reindeer Blood.” Since its initial discovery in Greenland, Tugtupite has only been found two other times throughout the world. One being the Lovozero Massif in Russia (with intense year round weather conditions) and the other being in the Mont-Saint-Hilaire region of Quebec, Canada.

Meaning & Energy

Tugtupite activates and engages our upper four chakras (heart, throat, third eye & crown) while elevating our consciousness in hopes of better understanding our emotional needs. This unique mineral acts as a mirror, helping you to self evaluate each aspect of your spiritual and emotional bodies. Overtime, we constantly change as we experience natural growth cycles here on Earth. Some may find it difficult to conform to society’s pressure and it’s ever changing standards; resulting in emotional pain, confusion, and distress.


Tugtupite helps one focus on themselves internally and helps in working towards regenerating the necessary strength to push forward. One's entire chakra column will begin to feel realigned overtime as you allow deep suppressed emotions to exit your physical body. This is vital as it opens up space within your heart, allowing you to discover newly found love and joy in this world. Whether that be for yourself or even someone else, one will finally realize one of life’s most difficult lessons; love must begin from within before it can spread outward.

Crimson Healing

Tugtupite ushers in wave after wave of vibrant, crimson self-healing rays. As one begins to absorb these energies, you may notice a difference in your mood and patience level. This is due to you subconsciously working on finding inner peace, especially that of the mind. As our brain churns at a high speed each and every day, we lose touch of the most important thing in this world; ourselves. This drives our mental health to slowly deteriorate as we simply begin to only care about the wrong things. Tugtupite pushes you away from this life-long imprisonment by producing a glimpse of clarity within your mind, especially during deep meditation.

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