Science & Origin of Pargasite

Pargasite is a magnesium calcium iron aluminium sodium mineral and member of the Amphibole family (closely related to Hornblende; a complex dark Amphibole mineral). It crystallizes in the form of shards and compact granular crystals. Most often, these gems are found embedded in an extremely hard matrix such as Granite. The color of Pargasite is most commonly a vibrant green, but can also be found as brown, light yellow, and black. This mineral was first discovered in 1814 by Count Fabian Gotthard von Steinheil. He chose to name it after the town in which it was discovered (as well as the town he governed), Pargas, Finland. Since it’s initial finding, small amounts of Pargasite have been extracted in Vietnam, Sweden, Canada, Russia, Scotland, Austria, Venezuela, and the United States.

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Meaning & Energy

Pargasite is a healer of the heart and mender of emotional pain. These energies extract the negative vibrations that have attached themselves to your emotional body, which up until now, may have left you unable to push past them. Meditating in the presence of this stone provides one with the necessary nutrients to “break through” and simply begin again. By that, I mean the basic ability to move forward from inner trauma and allow love and light back into your life. With joy and enlightenment in your mind, one is able to consciously evaluate aspects of your life you may not have seen before. This may lead to the shedding of current hobbies, relationships, and in some cases, occupations.


Pargasite enables one to grow with pure energy that paves the way for what's to come. True daily happiness is always part of our soul’s mission, and Pargasite is easily able to activate and unlock this part of your identity. Once your heart has been cleared of all emotional turmoil, follow the direction in which it pulls you. You will soon notice your heart and mind working together in unison, creating a bond worthy of a true light-worker.

Stone Pairings

We recommend the addition of other stones that resonate deep within the heart to increase the strength of your healing. Some stones we suggest to use in conjunction with Pargasite include Jade, Rose Quartz, Eudialyte, Rhodochrosite, Kunzite, and Malachite. These minerals protect, replenish, and expand our entire emotional body, allowing energy to flow freely. This rejuvenating effect will be unlike anything you have felt before, with your true identity coming through. Continue this meditation practice as much as possible while pushing yourself to not only love who you are, but others as well.

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