Science & Origin of Limonite

Limonite is the name given to a family of iron hydroxides (or other mixed oxides) and is one of the 3 major sources of naturally occurring iron here on Earth (Hematite and Goethite being the other 2). It can crystallize in many forms, most notably as a mass or cubic occurrence, but also as botryoidal and even pseudomorphs (secondary minerals replacing a crystal’s original compound; the word translates to “false form”). This is especially common on Pyrite and Garnet, but can occur on a variety of different minerals. Limonite is a very common mineral and can be found throughout the world, with major deposits located in Austria, France, Australia, the United States, Brazil, and the ancient island of Cyprus.

Limonite has it’s uses traced back over 4,000 years, while its first believed usage being yellow, brown, and red pigment. Neolithic cave paintings have proven that to be true and can be found throughout the world.

Goethite vs. Limonite

Limonite and Goethite are very similar in color, shape, and formation. One major indicator to look for is the color. With these minerals, the depth of their hues are determined by the amount of iron within each specimen. Limonite is more brown and orange, and can even occur as a red earthy color (similar to that of clay). Goethite however, is usually silver, black, grey, and even metallic. When it comes to the way they occur, it's very similar, but their structure could not look more different. As Limonite is most notably found in mass, botryoidal or pseudomorph form, it often lacks cleavage and detail on the surface. Goethite is found as Botryoidal (and commonly pseudomorph), but will resemble Hematite before one’s mind will compare it to Limonite. It also can be seen in a bladed formation, closely resembling raw Scolecite.


Meaning & Energy

Limonite holds us close to Mother Earth and provides the necessary strength needed to move forward during situations of stress and overwhelming anxiety. The grounding vibrations released during meditation root one to this planet while providing protection of one’s entire aura and physical body. With your eyes shut, imagine roots of a tree lightly entangling your body, binding and nurturing your daily vessel with complete, restorative energies. One’s entire emotional and etheric body will then begin to purify. Love is where it all begins, and the love for your own body and mind is the crucial piece to life we aren't taught in schools. With self acceptance, as well as putting yourself on the path of YOUR choosing, one can alter their entire life course for the better. One filled with laughter, love, joy, and happiness. This will all lead towards success (however you may determine that) and endless personal achievements. It’s not always easy to trust yourself, but Limonite’s empowering energies provide a swift adjustment. This will result in increased confidence levels in addition to better decision making capabilities. We hope you soon begin to empower others and push them to believe in themselves.

“A man cannot be comfortable without his own approval”- Mark Twain

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