Science & Origin of Axinite

Axinite is the name given to a group of rare borosilicate minerals (Manganaxinite, Magnesioaxinite, Ferroaxinite, and Tinzenite) that crystallize in the form of extruding tabular crystals off a rock matrix (usually Orthoclase or Granite). The most common form on the market is Ferroaxinite, which refers to the high Iron content within the chemical body. This elemental inclusion directly affects the color of the stone, resulting in a light black, brown, and grey.

Axinite was first discovered in 1797 by the famed French mineralogist Rene Just Huey. He chose to name it after the Greek word “axine” meaning “ax”, in reference to the long bladed crystals that resemble an axe. This mineral has no use commercially and is commonly found when excavating other stones such as Diopside,Quartz, Prehnite , Actinolite, and Calcites. Notable abundant localities include Mexico, Japan, France, Russia, Switzerland, Pakistan, Australia, the United Kingdom, Canada, and the United States.


Meaning & Energy

Axinite is a potent tool for use in general expansion, more specifically, your connection to Mother Earth. The intuition we bear and the intelligence of our surroundings are a direct result of ancient earthen energies being channeled into you each day. Our planet is over 4 billion years old and has been capable of harnessing life during much of its existence. This is in part due to the natural nurturing effects Mother Earth passively radiates. For eons, diverse creatures and beings have walked our homeland; rising and falling, helping form new, protective layers of our planet. Cataclysmic events have come, stayed, and left; only to reveal the strength our celestial planet truly has. With each force of destruction, Earth has been able to restabilize itself and begin a new life cycle. Axinite is a crystal which hardens this life force energy and provides the “mirror” you may need to see your true strength.

When meditating with this stone, one may experience past life recall or past life reflection. This is a phenomenon which allows our consciousness to transcend through time and space, reappearing during the exact moment when a traumatic event might have occurred. This is crucial for healing the eternal soul that lays within each one of us. If you're looking to learn more and truly expand your conscious experiences, we recommend meditating with other crystals that promote past life healing, such as Petrified Wood, Isua, Lakelandite, Black Kyanite or Nuummite. We also suggest finding an experienced reiki healer or someone who specializes in awakening your ancient past life.

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