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Science & Origin of Vesuvianite

Vesuvianite, also known as Idocrase, is an aluminum calcium magnesium silicate mineral that crystallizes in the form of masses, columnar pillars, and small pyramidal and prismatic crystals. It is found mostly in shades of olive green, but can also occur as brown, yellow, white, purple, pink, and red. Vesuvianite was first discovered in 1795 by German geologist Abraham Gottlob Werner. He chose to name it after the location of the specimen he examined, which was on the lower tiers of Mount Vesuvius in Naples, Italy. During this time, other scientists and researchers were also examining this newly acquired crystal. This led to multiple names being labeled for the same stone throughout Europe, which began to confuse geologists. One such example is of the official recording of “Vesuvianite” as “Idocrase” by French mineralogist Rene Just Huey in 1796, only a year after its first discovery.

Occasionally, Vesuvianite grows around other minerals with similar chemical compositions. These minerals include but are not limited to, Quartz, Diopside, Epidote, Calcites, Garnets, and Wollastonite. The most abundant localities of this stone include Peru, Australia, Canada, Austria, China, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Norway, Spain, Russia, Switzerland, Sweden, the United States; and even recently been found in Antarctica!


Meaning & Energy

Vesuvianite is an ancient Earthen amulet bearing healing properties that resonate directly with one’s soul center. Our inner core contains our deepest experiences that may transcend time and space. These external occurrences could have occurred in past lives, but were so traumatic, that it affected your soul enough to carry over into your present life. Some examples stem from extreme childhood fears and constant misdirected emotional distress. If not properly dealt with and exhumed from our newly acquired physical vessel, our pain will consume the current life we live. It may not be felt each day, but subconsciously this negativity is gaining more control over your soul daily. To address this, one must bear a fearless mentality and “jump into the fire” of our own emotional plagues. Vesuvianite expels the depths of these experiences and thrusts them to the surface. Through deep meditation, one may begin going through these trauma inducing thoughts and push to relinquish them from not only your life, but your precious soul as well. With each meditation session, Vesuvianite provides one the strength and desire to induce the heart with soothing tranquility, allowing an open well to flow and provide nourishment to our entire body.

Crystal Pairings

Vesuvianite truly emboldens our heart and solar plexus chakra, forging them together and creating an impenetrable bond. This is vital in understanding ourselves and who we truly are. This is because our gut is our “2nd brain” which houses our purest intuitive energy. Some stones we recommend to help open and unlock these neighboring chakras are Green Kyanite, Zebra Serpentine (Green Tiger Eye), Atlantisite, Prehnite , and Infinite.

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