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Science & Origin of Diopside

Diopside is a magnesium calcium metamorphic silicate mineral that crystallizes in the form of grainy masses and small prismatic (twinning) shards. It is a member of the Pyroxene group of minerals and was first discovered by Jose Bonifacio de Andrada e Silva in 1806 (he is also credited for finding Andradite, Petalite, and Spodumene). He chose to name it after the Greek word “dis” meaning double, “opse” meaning face. This was chosen in reference to it’s growing habit which can occasionally form duel prismatic crystal faces. Diopside is primarily found in any variety shades of green, but can also occur as white, brown, yellow, grey or black. The black variety often has a “star” effect when cut at the right angle. This star effect is called Asterism, and is an optical phenomenon created by concentrations of reflected light.

Rare To Find

Diopside is very hard to find on the mineral market, which has caused a huge demand allowing for largely inflated prices to occur. Small crystal specimens can start at around $500 and only increase depending on the clarity and colors it exhibits. When looking to purchase a piece of Diopside, we recommend doing your research and finding a reliable, suitable dealer who is extremely transparent. The best specimens we’ve ever encountered have been from Siberia, China, Russia, South Africa, Brazil, and various localities throughout the US.


Chrome Diopside

Chrome Diopside is an even rarer form of Diopside and is one of the most important minerals for discovery and other geological work. The compound inclusions of Chromium within Diopside give it that lustery rich green color that nearly makes it look fake. These enhanced Diopside specimens are almost always found as precursors to the mineral Kimberlite. Kimberlite is an igneous rock and the most important source of Diamonds. They are believed to have been formed within the Earth’s mantle, some 90-275 miles deep within our home planet. Volcanic and cataclysmic activity pushed fragments through the crust and onto the surface, giving us all an opportunity to harness the energy of Inner Earth.

Meaning & Energy

Diopside is a stone of eternal enlightenment and healing, providing one pure restorative energy for each and every lifetime they endured. The building blocks of life force energy reside within Diopside and are part of the reason why spiritual practitioners adore the energy it outputs. The vibratory effects resonate deep within our soul, penetrating the limits our mind can no longer comprehend. It is within this layer of our being which houses the past life experience we’ve absorbed and have been a part of. When something is truly traumatizing and resonates directly with your core, that emotion becomes solidified in your mind and body. Through time (albeit a lifetime) the memory will perish from the mind, but become embedded in our core. As your soul progresses and moves forward through another dimensional experience, that scar becomes immortalized and internalized. These are defining characteristics of what eventually become the foundation and allow for you to be exactly who you are right now. Diopside reads, channels and directs this information outwards and grants one a rare opportunity into their past. Through deep meditation with a piece placed directly over the heart, one must work to relinquish the protective control we subconsciously placed on our emotional body. Through this, visionary experiences may take place over the days and weeks to come as you enrich yourself in the energies of Diopside. As our consciousness becomes more connected to a grounded, more planetary vibration, so do the dreams that you experience nightly. These experiences are all happening and channeling into your consciousness for a reason, and can only be understood and “decoded” by you or an extremely connected individual, such as a channeler, scribe, or even an extremely powerful reiki healer.

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