Science & Origin of Actinolite

Actinolite is an amphibole silicate mineral that crystallizes in the form of long blades or a skinny needle like structure. This crystal is mainly found in its distinct dark green color, but can also be seen as white, yellow, grey or black. This mineral was first recorded back in 1794 by R. Kirwan. He named it after the Greek word “Aktis” which means “beam or ray”. This was used to describe the shape Actinolite forms in, and the name stuck ever since. Actinolite is a fairly common crystal that has localities all over the world. Countries such as Brazil, Russia, Canada, China, and the USA all have an abundance of this mineral below them!

Actinolite has 2 very rare forms that are highly desired by collectors and practitioners. The first, and rarest from of Actinolite, is when it’s found in transparent form. This variety is highly valued and usually ends up cut and faceted into jewelry that can fetch a very large amount. As of this writing, transparent Actinolite has only been found in Taiwan and China. The second rare form of Actinolite is when its found within Quartz. The blades of Actinolite become frozen in time when within a clear Quartz. The clarity of the Quartz and the amount of Actinolite decides the price point for this mineral. The inclusion within the Quartz enhances the power and abilities of Actinolite, making this mineral incredibly strong and desired. 

Meaning & Energy

Actinolite is a powerful heart stone that provides one’s emotional body with protection from negative energies. So often do negative vibrations attach themselves to us, causing one to feel sadness, anxiety and depression. Carrying or wearing this stone will provide one’s aura with a protective shield that refuses to allow negativity to come your way. Once one becomes fully protected from Actinolite, only then can this stone help one do a full evaluation of themselves.


Actinolite pushes one to release the stress and weight we place on our hearts daily. This mineral helps pull emotions to the surface that one may hold very close to them. Actinolite provides one with the courage and confidence to face these uneasy emotions and find closure from them. When one is able to find closure, you will then be able to move forward with an open heart and clear mind.

We recommend bringing this stone with you when one needs that extra layer of protection. Actinolite is here to provide you protection from toxic energies that come from places such as funerals, hospitals, work, or family related outings. It helps prevent one from picking up negative energies and taking them with you moving forward. One will be able to be in these uncomfortable environments and know that they will be unscathed when they leave. 

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