Dragi (Dragon) Jade

Dragi (Dragon) Jade

Science & Origin of Dragon Jade

Dragi Jade is a variety of Nephrite. It is a magnesium-rich amphibole species that was discovered in Afghanistan in 2019. Its color composition is usually a light green in the background, with streaks of a darker green overlapping. We’ve found it to be a popular material to craft a variety of different shapes from. These include pyramids, obelisks, palm stones, animals, and spheres. Due to how new this stone actually is, you may find it sold under a multitude of different names. The best way to uncover what it is you're buying is to understand the physical stone. The weight, color, size, and even price (occasionally) can help one fully identify what it is they’re purchasing.

Meaning & Energy

Dragi Jade shares the same energies as other Jade found throughout the world. These energies include powerful vibrations that resonate with our heart space. More importantly, Jade and the symbol of the dragon, have been revered as protection totems throughout history. When meditating with this stone, imagine the ferocity of a dragon protecting your aura. Jade is a stone that will take those negative energies and transmute them into loving vibrations that your heart can then benefit from.

Dragi (Dragon) Jade

New, Mysterious Vibrations...

The only major difference we’ve noticed is the strong vibrations it carries, even on some of the more lightly colored pieces. This has led us to believe that there is much more to this stone than meets the eye, as what’s beneath and within is still truly a mystery. We’d love to hear feedback on your own personal experiences with this stone along with some of the knowledge you uncovered along the way.

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