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Science & Origin of Mangano Calcite

Mangano Calcite, also known as Manganoan Calcite, is a manganese calcium carbonate mineral and member of the Calcite family. Its color can range from light to dark pink depending on the amount of Manganese in it. It's common to have white inclusions of Calcite within this crystal, sometimes in a banding formation. This mineral was first discovered in 1846 by A. Breithaupt in Banská, Štiavnica, Slovakia. He named it in reference to the inclusion of Manganese found within, thus setting up a debate regarding what true Mangano Calcite actually is compared to what is just simply, pink calcite. Eventually an agreement was reached and a 30% threshold of Manganese (carbonate) within the crystal structure was established. Sadly, any type of Pink Calcite sold on the market today is labeled “Mangano Calcite”, making it very hard to acquire this mineral. We recommend buying from a safe supplier or a trusted store front. One piece of advice we offer is to know where it's from, so you can better identify if a piece is authentic or not. Most Mangano Calcite on the market comes from Romania, Peru, Bulgaria, Mexico, Madagascar, Russia, Australia and Japan.

Meaning & Energy

This special calcite variety promotes inner peace, compassion, pure love, joy, and self-healing vibrations. This is a true healer of the heart, one is able to push forward through any lingering trauma or pain that may have gone unresolved. The energies of Mangano Calcite allow one to find resolution while extinguishing the negative filled emotions within. One can then reach a sense of harmony and learn to achieve mental peace when utilizing the rejuvenating effects of this heavenly stone.

Mangano Calcite
Mangano Calcite

The most valued energy that this mineral gives off is that of self comfort and love. One will slowly learn to become more comfortable with themselves and who they are each day. Mangano Calcite shows one the type of person they truly are once all the layers of yourself are peeled back. Becoming familiar with your true self is the gateway for one to find complete and pure happiness. This mineral gracefully reveals your spirit while bringing about a sense of security and confidence in knowing the real you. One’s subconscious mind begins to reflect this self image and slowly develops your path to total enlightenment.

Reset Your Heart Space

Try meditating with this stone and other powerful heart stones such as Rose Quartz, Morganite, Rhodochrosite, Kunzite, and Pink Tourmaline. Any of these stones combined with Mangano Calcite can help clear and “reset” one’s heart space. These crystals radiate enormous waves of uplifting energy that can fill one’s aura with pure positivity. Over time one will become more in touch with themselves, leading to an increase in confidence that can result in endless opportunities!

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