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Science & Origin of Green Tanzurine

Green Tanzurine is the trademarked name for a recent discovery of Quartz with Fuchsite inclusions from Tanzania. It crystallized in mass formations and its hue of color comes from the amount of Fuchsite impurities within. What is so fascinating about this stone is its unique hardness even though it contains the soft mica mineral. It was discovered by Jonathan Bartky on the Massai Tribal land in northern Tanzania. Bartky is involved in the sourcing and mining of this mineral and has his own company known as Ariel Treasures.

Meaning & Energy

Green Tanzurine engages our self-loving processes to allow us to be comfortable in our own bodies. This comfortability allows us to express ourselves by bringing out our unique character. Through our own gentle self-expression, our heart and soul will begin to flutter in happiness. This will cause a chain reaction that will spread to others and instill a positive atmosphere for growth. Showing who you are not only affects yourself and others but also the energy of our home planet.

Green Tanzurine

Emotional Regeneration

Green Tanzurine has a natural connection to Earth and the abundant energy that she releases each day. One profound effect is the regeneration of our emotional body during times of meditation, especially outside. During certain hours of the day, with dusk and dawn being the most important, the earth’s energies are in their highest vibratory state. You will feel nature and all of its beings “come alive” or rest and you can tap into this spiritual displacement. Channeling our home planet’s energies only invigorates our place in this world and drastically alters the course of our lives. We recommend placing a few pieces of Green Tanzurine around you, making yourself the center of a Nature Grid. During this process, we can channel earthen energy and allow it to ground us to the present moment. Use this to bolden your life mission and push you onto the path towards emotional and spiritual success.

We’d like to think that the discovery of this stone a few years ago was a much-needed gift from mother earth. With this being such a recent find, we’re learning more about its energies with each connection. You may experience similar effects or completely different ones when utilizing this spiritual ally. We’d love to hear any experiences you may have felt with Green Tanzurine.

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