History & Origin of Gaspeite

Gaspeite is an extremely rare carbonate mineral-rich in Nickel, Magnesium, and Iron. It is a member of the Calcite family and is formed during the weathering of high Nickel rock (Millerite, Pentlandite, and Niccolite are a few of the many Nickel heavy minerals Gaspeite can form over). This is very similar to the oxidation process of other minerals, where their chemical body changes and thus alters its appearance. Gaspeite has been found in just about every green color you can think of and can occasionally be seen with light brown inclusions.

The discovery of this crystal happened not too long ago, taking place in 1966 in Quebec, Canada. It was found in the Gaspe Peninsula and was ultimately named after its founders, D.W. Kohls and J.L. Rodda. Since the initial finding, less and less of this mineral is sourced from Canada, and instead extracted from Australia (specifically Western Australia, east of the city of Perth). Minor deposits have also been found in Germany, Italy, Japan, and South Africa.


Meaning & Energy

Gaspeite is a very mysterious stone, with its energies resonating directly with your heart, while also grounding your entire physical presence to Mother Earth. As the vibrations of this stone become activated, that fragile inner chamber of our heart begins to slowly unlock. This area contains the emotions that have been scarred from past traumatic experiences. During unsettling times, our bodies activate a safety switch to protect our soul and heart from as much damage as possible. Part of the challenge in cleansing our spirits is first allowing oneself to go to that dark place, in hopes of bringing forth new light. Gaspeite provides the necessary courage needed when facing one's ultimate fears while providing the auric field an extra layer of protection. This is part of that earthen energy that grounds negative entities and energies down to a more comfortable level. It is here where one is able to expose themselves and reflect on the past, future, and current state of their life.

When meditating with this stone, one’s mind may begin to recreate certain images of prior experiences. As emotional as this may seem at the moment, it is largely there to show you the strength you’ve encapsulated since that plaugeful time. You may not notice it immediately, but you will be able to look at your past life with a completely different set of eyes. When grounding your spirit down to an earthen level, you are able to embrace reality with a much more positive outlook..

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