Science & Origin of Fuchsite

Fuchsite, also known as Green Muscovite and Chrome Mica, is a crystal of the mica family. It’s green color comes from the natural addition of Chromium to its genetic compound. It's usually a very light green stone but it can also be found in a medium to dark green. Fuchsite crystallizes in the form of masses, scales, layered plates, and even tiny tabular crystals. It's a fairly common mineral first discovered in the early 1800’s and named in honor of the famed German mineralogist Johann Nepomuk von Fuchs. Fuchsite can be found all over the world however a few countries such as Brazil, South America, and India are known to have some of the most beautiful pieces we’ve ever seen. Other notable localities include Russia, the United States, Germany, Madagascar, and Switzerland.

Meaning & Energy

Fuchsite is a stone full of love and compassionate energy that is here to rejuvenate one's emotional body. This stone will take the “weight” off of your shoulders each day to provide nourishing vibrations for one’s body, heart and soul. Fuchsite’s power pushes one into a very relaxed state that is perfect for someone looking to engage in deep meditation sessions. In addition to calming your emotional body, this stone will also provide mental clarity to help one connect with their inner self. By taking a deep look in the mirror, one will learn what they need to let go of as well as what it is they need to bring in. By allowing positive energy to flow through your body, you will significantly help yourself along the way. We recommend carrying a piece daily so it can be a constant reminder and spark of motivation to help you find whatever you may need in this world.


Ruby Fuchsite

A recent discovery of naturally formed Ruby within Fuchsite has been found in southern India. This combination mineral is highly desired and is very rare to come by. The fierce and courageous energies of Ruby combined with the calming and rejuvenating vibrations of Fuchsite will push one to realize anything is possible if you set your heart and mind to it.

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