Science & Origin of Mordenite

Mordenite is a hydrated sodium, calcium, and potassium aluminosilicate mineral and member of the Zeolite family. It crystallizes in the form of masses, striated needle-like points, fibrous aggregates, and small prismatic shards. The most common colors Mordenite is found in is chalky-white and a salmon orange-pink (other lesser-known varieties include yellow, red, and even colorless). This mineral is one of the most common in the entire Zeolite family, even though it was only discovered back in 1864 by Henry How (Apophyllite, a similar Zeolite mineral, was discovered nearly 60 years prior; all the way back in 1806). He chose to name it after the type locality (place of discovery), a small town known as Morden in Nova Scotia, Canada. Since then, Mordenite has been discovered in Russia, India, Iceland, Italy, Scotland, and the USA. A majority of specimens have other Zeolite minerals intergrown, most notably Stibnite, Heulandite, and even Scolecite.

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Meaning & Energy

Mordenite is a tremendously strong stone that resonates with one’s heart and entire emotional body. Its energies are very similar to Pink Opal, and offers soothing vibrations that can calm one’s entire aura. These frequencies are very subtle and extremely potent; helping one passively spread positive affirmations at a subconscious level. This assists in not only the path towards the betterment of yourself but also the ones around you. Your newly found love and compassionate energies will soon naturally spread like wildfire to those closest to you. This love will not only strengthen your family and friends individually but also the connection and the relationship they have with you.


Mordenite is a “binding” crystal and can be very protective of your heart, but also able to support strong, deep emotional relationships built through love. This stone helps one truly recognize whom is worthy of your precious emotions and helps one develop a sense of appreciation and love for who you are; as well as who your becoming. Meditate with this crystal directly over your heart chakra, while trying to retain a clear, level head. As your heart may start to physically tingle and open up, its important to absorb the first thoughts and ideas that come into your mind. These are the beginning stages of “letting go”, followed up by allowing yourself to process experiences you’ve stored in your most vital organ. Through multiple sessions and deep self-reflection, one will soon begin to shed layer after layer of themselves. This transformational process is something we all go through in our lives, and resisting it will only prolong the pain and make it worse. Mordenite is your ally during difficult times, and can be a key to an emotional breakthrough if you let it!

Stone Pairing

Try meditating with this stone in conjunction with Rose Quartz, Rhodochrosite, Kunzite, Thulite, and/or Cobaltoan Calcite. All these stones strongly resonate with your emotional body and can not only assist Mordenite’s energies but also elevate them as well. For added purification of one’s aura, throw your favorite piece of Jet into the mix!

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