Tree Agate

Science & Origin of Tree Agate

Tree Agate is a form of Dendritic Agate, a white or colorless variety of Chalcedony with visible, fern-like impurities of manganese or iron. These impurities are known as dendrites, which derives from the shape at which they occur. Most Dendritic Agate on the market comes out of Brazil, Mexico or India, although beautiful specimens can be found throughout the USA. Dendritic Agate is commonly found shaped and polished, as well as cut into a variety of shaped cabochons. While they are absolutely stunning and contain extremely powerful grounding energies, the market has recently become saturated. This is due to its abundance and the ease of access to the mines for the workers. 

Tree Agate

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Meaning & Energy

Tree Agate shares nearly identical energies with Moss Agate, it’s sister crystal! For more information on the powers, these tiny pieces of Mother Earth posses, head on over to our Moss Agate article here!

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