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Science & Origin of Larvikite

Larvikite is a black igneous rock made up entirely of feldspar (with small chemical composition changes) that crystallizes in the form of large masses. Within the feldspar itself, there are small silver-blueish shimmering crystals that give Larvikite it’s notoriety and fame. This eye catching “flash” is commonly referred to as the “Schiller Effect” and is believed to have been caused by Ternary Feldspar (a fancy name for feldspar that is rich in potassium, sodium, and calcium). Larvikite is believed to have formed over 298 million years ago, at an estimated depth of 18 miles below Earth’s surface (an astounding feat considering large deposits of this mineral are now breaching continental Norway). The name of this mineral comes from the local town of its original discovery; Larvik, Norway. Since then a few deposits have been discovered throughout the world, with the other major source coming out of Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada.

Larvikite is the national rock of Norway and has been designated a GHSR (Global Heritage Stone Resource) by the International Union of Geological Sciences. This is due to the heavy usage this mineral has in the commercial world. Large corporate buildings have notoriously used tiles of Larvikite as a facade, as well as many kitchen countertops coming from a large slab of this mineral. The shimmering effect only occurs when it is cut correctly and at the right angle. This has required a worldwide need for artisan crafters and cutters who specialize in cutting this very unique and difficult material.


Meaning & Energy

Larvikite is a stone of inner transformation that helps one better adapt to change, as well as accept and understand any benefits that may come with it. Change is constant, with the world around us forever transitioning. To personally (as well as spiritually) evolve on this planet, one must be able to withstand and “weather the storm”. Larvikite helps one access their inner strength and enables their personal willpower to go on “auto-pilot”. This will assist one through any difficult process causing constant distress. One will not need to worry about the cost of any negativity that these new surroundings may bring with them, as Larvikite fully protects one's spiritual and physical body, including your auric field.

Worry Stone

We’ve found ourselves constantly referring to this mineral as the “worry stone”, as it is a neutralizer of one’s most powerful emotional reaction; anxiety. One will be able to live each moment without the burden of stress, while also dispelling any negative emotions that may build up throughout the day. Instead, Larvikite focuses on the positives around you and will help channel the good vibrations within. An overall powerful talisman that can benefit every aspect of your life, Larvikite is a much needed stone to add into your daily meditation sessions. We can’t recommend it enough!

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