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Science & Origin of Orthoclase

Orthoclase, also known as K-spar and K-feldspar, is a common potassium feldspar mineral that crystallizes in the form of masses, small prismatic shards, elongated crystals, and thin plate-like layers. It can form on most granites and pegmatites, as well as being one of the main chemical components of Moonstone. The most common colors of Orthoclase are usually a beige-grey or light brown, but can also be found in white, pink, and various shades of red. This mineral was first discovered in 1801 by R.J. Hauy. It was named after the Greek word meaning “straight fracture”, referencing it’s double cleavage planes being at right angles to one another. Orthoclase can be found all over the world, with the most important commercial deposits located in Russia, Tanzania, Spain, Italy, Switzerland, Madagascar, and the United States. The largest Orthoclase crystal ever discovered is over 30 feet in length and weighs over 100 tons. This truly remarkable find was in the Ural mountains, where it was found formed off an extremely large pegmatite.

Due to the ease of accessibility, as well as the cheap cost of this mineral, Orthoclase is heavily used in commercial production. It is mostly used in the creation of ceramics, tile, glass, and as an ingredient in scouring powder (household hard surface cleaner).


Orthoclase is one of the very few minerals that we know has existed beyond our own planet! Samples of the moon surface were brought back during the American astronauts Apollo missions. Upon further analysis, small traces of Orthoclase were found on the lunar sand. A more recent discovery of this mineral was when NASA’s rover touched down on Mars. It immediately began capturing any and all details it could. One of the more unusual discoveries that was not discussed was the high amount of Orthoclase in some parts of the Martian surface. This was a huge red flag for geologists, because some believe that this directly correlates to massive volatility on the red planet’s surface. Much more evidence needs to be found however this is vital for understanding Mars’s history and exactly what has transpired on our planetary neighbor.


Meaning & Energy

Orthoclase offers up vital enhancing energies for anyone looking to transform their lives and find love, happiness, and joy within. The vibrations coming off this stone help ground you down to this physical plane while helping you truly understand your Earthly emotions. As one becomes more connected with themselves, they may begin to have completely different thoughts. This is the process of Orthoclase relinquishing the minuscule stressors that we carry and imbuing one with a sense of clarity and life force energy. These are vital aspects to one’s personal growth and will help develop the pure lifestyle our soul is chasing.

Negativity Blocker

Orthoclase also protects and blocks one’s auric field from any negative energies. Imagine the roots and vibrations of Mother Earth encasing you and driving away any frequencies that are here to hurt. However, do not think that bad times are not beneficial for you. This is a common misconception that Orthoclase is here to prove false. These “dark” times that we experience (and are forced to live through) offer up some of the most explosive, growth-induced energy. Channel these vibrations towards the most important things and watch as the beginning stages of eternal happiness slowly develop within.

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