Healer's Gold

Science & Origin of Healer's Gold

Healer’s Gold, also known as Apache Gold, is a rare combination of Pyrite (Iron Sulfide) and Magnetite (Iron Oxide) found recently in the desert of Arizona. The colors are generally Gold and sub-metallic black intertwined with occasional white trails. It's made up of almost entirely Iron, which causes Healer’s Gold to be extremely heavy. Since this stone is so hard to acquire, crystal collectors and spiritual practitioners have yearned to get their hands on Healer’s Gold. Ever since then, the value completely skyrocketed, with the supply being a fraction of that.

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Meaning & Energy

Healer’s Gold is a new age amulet here to provide much-needed motivation in a world full of complete distractions. If one is not able to connect with earth-born energies or simply create and achieve internal desires; this is the stone for you. The energy you have within yourself is completely unique and offers one limitless potential. Healer’s Gold naturally advances one’s thought process to appreciate and finally accept the inner strength that you hold. As one’s mental capacity begins to see the path in which your soul is heading, only then will you truly find yourself. Trust your natural instincts, remind yourself of where you've been, and know WHY exactly you're on the journey you're on. Healer’s Gold helps remind one of their own ability to inspire themselves, which in return will naturally influence others to do the same.

Healer's Gold
Healer's Gold

Healer’s Gold is here to help you begin visualization exercises, where one can manifest and create the future of your dreams. Just as Pyrite helps one understand their own wants and desires, Magnetite naturally helps attract them to you (one must remember to focus and stay the course for nature to work correctly). Magnetite is the most magnetic mineral on all of planet Earth, so you can bet the energy this stone offers is truly one of a kind. Both these minerals combined not only open our lower three chakras, but also build a hardened connection amongst them. This is huge for carrying out our earthly duties, as our connection to this planet will be at an all time high.

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