Science & Origin of Magnetite

Magnetite is an iron oxide mineral that crystallizes in the form of masses, octahedral, and dodecahedral crystals. Its color is usually silver or black, but can also be seen as grey and brown. Magnetite is the most magnetic mineral in the entire crystal kingdom(hence its name). It is believed that this mineral provided ancient civilizations with their first introduction to magnetism and its powerful effects. This mineral was finally given a name in 1845 by W. Haidinger. It's the most important Iron Ore in today's society and is a leading contributor to our steel production. This mineral has a number of localities that include Portugal, Bolivia, Australia, Chile, Sweden, France, Canada, and the USA. Magnetite has also been found in a variety of meteorites that have landed on earth.

The magnetic particles of this stone are so strong that it can affect a compass. Large enough pieces can even affect commercial navigation. Take the Island of Tasmania for example, which is covered in a variety of magnetic iron oxides. Navigating around this state can be troublesome at times, and having other means of direction is highly encouraged.

Meaning & Energy

Magnetite is a very powerful stone that activates our entire chakra system. Working with this stone will help realign our chakras and removing any blockages that may be between them. It helps one stay grounded and connected to this earth, while also bringing down any ideas or feelings that weigh constantly on your mind. Magnetite helps attract the energy you output and is here to provide one with a “reflection” of themselves. This stone helps one see themselves from a different perspective then they’re used too, and provides one with the evidence needed to then make a change. By changing certain aspects of your ways, one will soon realize the difference in energy the universe channels to them daily.


Magnetite is also a powerful protection stone that is perfect for carrying around day-to-day. This mineral provides a “steel curtain” around one's aura, refusing to allow any negative entity to attach themselves to you. We recommend even leaving a piece in any high stress environment that you frequent daily. Magnetite energies are strong enough to attract love, joy, positivity and compassion to any space that needs healing. Also, lets not forget about the incredible grounding energies that will keep our heads on straight!

Lastly, this mineral is a very strong manifestation tool that can help one on the path to their dreams and desires. Aside from attracting similar energies you put out, this crystal can also enhance any intention set into it. Simply meditating with Magnetite, while setting all of your focus on that intention, will soon have one obsessed with achieving their dreams. These dreams become a part of you, and can have you feeling incomplete until you finish them. Magnetite helps one follow the path to their desires while staying focused and avoiding the everyday distractions. 

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