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Science & Origin of Rhodochrosite

Rhodochrosite, also known as Inca Rose Stone and Raspberry Spar, is a rare manganese carbonate mineral that is only found in a small number of locations worldwide. It was first reported back in 1813 by J.F.L. Haussmann in Romania, who named it after the Greek word meaning “rose color”. You’ll find Rhodochrosite crystallized in the form of masses, columns, botryoidal and globular formations (which are usually banded). Very rarely will you find Rhodochrosite in crystal form, with only a limited number of the few localities producing crystal-grade Rhodochrosite. This mineral is one of the few in the mineral kingdom that produces rhombohedral crystals, these forms can fetch nearly 5 to 6 figures on the market! One of the few locations that produce near perfect Rhodochrosite crystals is the Sweet Home Mine in Alma, Colorado. Other notable localities include Argentina, Peru, and South Africa.

Rhodochrosite is the National Stone for the country of Argentina and was voted state mineral of Colorado in 2002. This stone is occasionally found within Silver mines and even in association with Silver ore itself. The Sweet Home Mine was a Silver mine that opened in the 1870s and closed around the 1960s. They would regularly find beautiful Rhodochrosite specimens and set them aside due to a market not being established yet. Silver & Rhodochrosite mines were also found by the Inca people around the 12th-13th century. The Inca's were massive silver miners in Argentina and came across numerous amounts of Rhodochrosite. They believed these symbolic stones were the blood of their fallen and former kings and queens. They supposed it was hardened into a stone to show strength, power, and stamina.


Meaning & Energy

Rhodochrosite's focus is to heal yourself and your emotional body. This stone should serve as a daily reminder to put yourself first and take care of your well being. Without yourself being healthy and able, you will be unable to provide love and help to others in need. Rhodochrosite is an extraordinary mineral that is here to help you let go and release anguish, pain, and trauma weighing on your mind and heart. It’s a perfect stone for anyone who struggles with coping or has any form of PTSD. Wearing or carrying a piece daily will help one calm their emotions and push their consciousness into a state of bliss. Rhodochrosite’s calming and soothing energies will imbue your aura with love, peace, tranquility, and life force energy that is here to help you get through any obstacle in your life. In times of worry or sadness, we ask that you hold your piece very close to your heart and feel its stable vibrational output. Rhodochrosite is a high energy stone that will show you that new beginnings and opportunities are right on the horizon, and all you need is a little bit of self-love to move forward.

We recommend meditating with Rhodochrosite a few days per week, and placing it directly over your heart. Close your eyes and open your mind, heart, and soul to vibrant pink rays of love. Let this crystal bring all emotional trauma to the surface and allow yourself to close that page in this book called Life. Only when we have an open mind and a clear heart can we successfully move forward. It's vital to one's health and spiritual path to deal with trauma and grief weighing on them for a long period of time. Rhodochrosite is one of the strongest, if not the most potent tool we can recommend for anyone who needs an abundance of love.

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