Gem Silica

Gem Silica

Science & Origin of Gem Silica

Gem Silica, also known as Chrysocolla Chalcedony or Gem Silica Chrysocolla, is a very rare combination of Quartz and Chrysocolla. This stone is rarely seen on the market and only has a few known localities, which usually run dry within a few years. The most recent Gem Silica that has been seen on the market is coming out of the Miami-Inspiration Mine in Arizona. Other localities that are assumed to have run dry are Mexico, Taiwan, Peru, and the Philippines. This stone is very easily faked and should be met with extreme caution when trying to purchase. Make sure that you trust your dealer and find out the exact location that this stone came from. Most fakes on the market are actually just milky Chalcedony that are dyed.

Meaning & Energy

This stone carries and enhances all qualities and properties of Chrysocolla, while also connecting one's throat chakra to their third eye and heart. This unique channel offers one the ability to better understand their feelings and how to effectively process their emotions. Gem Silica pushes one to release any lingering trauma or sadness that they may hold onto. One’s intuition is raised when using Gem Silica and will continue to focus your attention on the minor details about yourself. This elevated focus helps one accept the weight they’ve been carrying and finally work towards removing it. This may consist of finally vocalizing a sensitive subject with a close friend, or accepting a situation for what it's worth and moving past it. Either way, the strength of this mineral will help pull all the negativity out and allow you to finally start looking ahead with a clear and joyful heart. One’s aura will soon radiate positivity, affecting any and all who may have the privilege of coming in contact with you.

Gem Silica

Mind, Heart and Soul

This combination mineral helps one connect to higher realms and better understand the knowledge within. By achieving a strong connection between your third eye and throat chakra, one can vocalize and easily describe what they see in deep meditation or dreams. The imagery within these experiences have great symbolism that directly relates to one’s life and the opportunities currently around them. Gem Silica helps push one to take action and pursue the life path you desire, while helping connect you to your higher self along the way.

Gem Silica is an extremely powerful communication stone that can help one vocalize what may be lingering in their heart, mind and soul. This special mineral eases the strain one experiences when dealing with certain traumas and helps open themselves up to confiding in loved ones. Gem Silica has been known to calm your emotional body in stressful times, which will allow one's mind to maintain a sense of clarity when trying to achieve resolution. We recommend wearing this mineral around your throat for it to directly enhance one’s throat chakra. Remember that this mineral still has Quartz within it, thus enhancing all the vibrations and energies you carry daily.

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