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Science & Origin of Blue Chalcedony

Blue Chalcedony is a rare variety of Chalcedony. It is a cryptocrystalline silicate mineral and a member of the Quartz family. It occurs in large mass formations perfect for cutting, crafting, and tumbling. The chalcedony on the market today comes from one single region in Turkey. This area is believed to have been extracting Blue Chalcedony since 2500 B.C. The word “chalcedony” itself is named after the ancient sea port of Chalcedon, which is now known as the city of Kadikoy. The blue hue of the stone occurs because of the “Tyndall effect”, which is defined as light scattering by colloid sized particles. The color can range from a light transparent blue to a solid baby or sky blue.

Meaning & Energy

Blue Chalcedony is a calmer of the emotional body and is here to help one communicate their truest thoughts and ideas. This encourages deeper discussions with the ones you love, which will not only strengthen your relationships, but also help “awaken” their emotional bodies as well. As one begins to self reflect and begin their journey with Blue Chalcedony, they must first work to clear their mind and allow their heart to speak. During deep meditation sessions, place this stone over your heart, throat, or third eye, and allow it’s energies to resonate directly with that chakra. As you begin to slow your breathing and focus all your energy towards your heart space, remind yourself why you have set out on this journey of self betterment. Is it to better understand yourself and your true spirits? To voice your feelings and better communicate with the community? To calm your emotional body and help keep your mind clear? Any answer you have is perfect, as long as you are reminding yourself of this constantly. Throughout this experience, Blue Chalcedony will raise submerged emotions that we’ve grown to ignore and subconsciously avoid. As difficult as it may be facing these stressful emotions, it is important for you to finally do so in honor of what you’ve been through. Every experience you’ve gone through has built the person you are today and Blue Chalcedony shows the positive effects it truly has on your ever growing spirit.

Great For Communication Roles

When engaging in difficult discussions such as public speeches or trying to better express yourself, Blue Chalcedony is the stone for you. The energies that release from this stone directly help raise one’s internal connection to their emotional body while channelling it into words you can speak. The harshness of the situation is forgotten and the inner fortitude within you begins to shine. Your confidence will begin to raise as you speak up for yourself and create your own “voice of reason”.

Blue Chalcedony

“Laugh often and it cleanse your mind. Laugh often at yourself and it will cleanse your heart.”

- Unknown

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