Science & Origin of Epididymite

Epididymite is a rare sodium beryllium silicate that crystallizes in the form of masses, aggregates, and tiny prismatic crystals. It's most commonly found in a white to colorless shade, but can also be seen in brighter colors such as purple, violet, yellow, grey, green, and light blue. Epididymite was first discovered back in 1893 by a man named G. Flink. He was on the Island of Aro, Langesundfiord, Norway, and chose to name this newly discovered mineral after the Greek words “epi” meaning “near”; and “didymos'' meaning “twin”. This was due in part to it’s dimorphous (existing in two different forms) relationship with another mineral called Eudidymite. Since this initial discovery, Epididymite has only been found in a few other localities throughout the entire world. The four major countries that host these deposits are Greenland, Russia, Norway, and Canada.

Meaning & Energy

Epididymite is a stone of ascension that directly resonates and forms a harmonious bond with one’s crown and etheric chakras. This connection helps unlock and form a newly strengthened bond to your higher being. This will assist in the attunement to dimensions that are much more complex than ours. The vibrations and waves that pulsate from Epididymite make this a one of a kind mineral with powers that require deep understanding. One must work with this stone thoroughly and do deep meditative research to fully grasp the energy that this crystal possesses. For example, one’s psychic abilities not only become activated, but also enhanced with each encounter you have with Epididymite. One will not only have more control of their dreams, but also absorb more of the knowledge and imagery they see throughout these nightly experiences. Each detail we see is a representation of yourself and your own personal journey that you are experiencing. By working with this stone, one will have a better understanding of who exactly they are and the purpose of your existence on this Earth.


Crystal Pairings

We do recommend a grounding stone for individuals who are extremely energy sensitive or are beginner practitioners. All of the energy from Epididymite resonates directly in one’s head and can be too much at times. Signs of this may be a slight headache, fatigue, lightheadedness, or slight mental stress. To avoid as much of this as possible, place grounding stones around you or on you if you are carrying stones throughout the day. This will help not only your physical but your emotional body as well. One can work freely with Epididymite without the fear of a negative experience, while still learning how to harness and channel this unique stone’s energies within. Some grounding stones that we recommend include Black Tourmaline, Petrified Wood, Hematite, Garnet, and Galena.

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