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Science & Origin of Tektite

Tektite is a unique type of natural glass formed during ancient meteorite strikes on Earth. It’s a high silica based stone that reminds one of small gravel pebbles, which can vary in size of a few centimeters (Tektites measuring in millimeters are called Microtektites). They’re normally found in various shades of black, but can also be seen as dark brown and grey (green shades of tektites found in Czech Republic are called Moldavite). Tektites can be found all over the world, with localities in the United States, China, Vietnam, Thailand, Australia, and throughout northwest Africa.

Tektites are often mistaken for Obsidian, due to their similarities in physical appearance. The main factor that differentiates the two are Tektites' lack of water within its chemical composition. This is due to the extreme heat that formed Tektites during a meteoric collision with Earth. If you were to put each stone side by side and bring them to their melting point, you’ll notice the heavy amounts of bubbles and foam coming from the Obsidian. This is simply due to the abundance of water it carries, as well as a few other minor chemical impurities.

Tektites are commonly sold pre-oiled, meaning they’ve been polished with usually either mineral or cedar oil. This DOES NOT affect the energies the stone exerts, and is simply there to enhance the physical appearance of the mineral.


Meaning & Energy

Tektites resonate at a very high frequency, enabling one to elevate their consciousness to new dimensional heights. One’s internal energy will immediately begin to raise upon touch, with your mind becoming a receptor of incoming knowledge from above. This information is being siphoned through our realm by dream work, deja vu experiences, daily synchronicities, and heightened cognitive & psychic abilities. The source of this knowledge is the angels above, our spirit guides, and our elestial protectors. These beings have been with us since birth, with others intersecting our life path along the way. Their purpose is to help grow and direct your soul in the right direction, allowing you to explore the most heightened version of yourself. Through deep meditation, one is able to understand these signs and when to go about implementing the sudden change.

Expansion of the Mind

The extraterrestrial component of this stone is one that should be highly utilized by all practitioners. Simply placing this stone on any of your chakras will not only spotlight their traits, but also enhance it. For example, if one was yearning for clarity and expansion of the mind, they should place their Tektite piece on top of their head. If you were looking to open up your third eye and increase your etheric vision, a Tektite placed upon the forehead will do wonders. Through enough experiences, one will easily be able to tap into the powers this E.T. stone offers, and channel it immediately within themselves.

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Chemical Formula

n{SiO2} p{CaCO3}

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