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Science & Origin of Seraphinite

Seraphinite, also known as Serafine and Serafinite, is an extremely rare gem variety of Clinochlore, a hydrous magnesium iron aluminum silicate. It can be seen in mass formation as well as botryoidal, with the crystal system being Monoclinic (unequal sides). It’s usually found with high flash chatoyancy in raw form and becomes incredibly shiny when polished. This mineral is usually seen in a very dark green color that almost resembles deep Emerald or even black. Seraphinite has only one known locality in the entire world, being the Korshunovskoye Iron deposit in Irkutsk Oblast, Russia. Famed Russian mineralogist Nikolay Koksharov discovered this mineral and it's believed that he named it after the group of angels in the Bible known as the “Seraphim”.

Meaning & Energy

Seraphinite has an exceptionally high energy output that can be felt upon touch. Even practitioners who deem themselves as “experienced” may have a hard time withstanding the vibrations that emanate from this stone. One may feel a sense of warmth overcome their bodies, with a clear mind to follow. This can all happen within minutes of being around your first Seraphinite piece. Its hands down one of the strongest crystals we’ve ever come in contact with and completely changes one’s perception of a “high vibration stone”. This special mineral is the embodiment of that term and can drastically alter one’s life. Seraphinite allows us to question our day to day actions and the environment we put ourselves in. The awareness and mental capabilities one unlocks is unparalleled to any other stone we’ve worked with. Our intuition and intellect heighten, all while maintaining a clear and level head. This allows one to self reflect and truly decipher the things or people around them. One will begin to notice different aspects or energies of their environment that they can change where they see fit. These changes can also include your own hobbies or interests which may no longer serve you on your life path.


Growth Cycle

Seraphinite pushes one into an accelerated growth cycle where your soul takes the lead instead of your mind and heart. Your soul is the true embodiment of your consciousness and it will constantly show you your true desires. You will have a strengthened connection to your spirit, becoming more in touch with your true wants and needs. This can be a drastically different path from which you are currently on due to a complete shift in one’s way of thinking. Either way Seraphinite protects you along your journey and should serve as a reminder of the strength you embody. One must have total trust in themselves and a high level of confidence to make such sudden changes in their life. The universe sees these complete shifts in one’s life and rewards those who follow their dreams. Seraphinite is the ultimate talisman for those who are ready for a fresh start that is full of new beginnings and endless opportunities.

Balancing Your Chakras

Seraphinite also helps anyone experiencing troubles in their chakra column. This unique crystal helps one find inner balance and can realign their entire chakra system. When one chakra is out of place, it can throw your entire body and mind off until accurately addressed. Try laying down with your eyes shut and place a piece of Seraphinite on the body part with the most stress. Envision emerald rays radiating off this crystal and absorbing into your body through your pores. Push your mind into a deep state of relaxation where one is able to feel the constant pulsation of energy Seraphinite creates. These are healing rays full of light that can cleanse one's entire body and aura. Do this repeatedly throughout the weeks and months ahead to not only attune to Seraphinite’s unique energy, but also strengthen your entire chakra column. Lastly, we urge you to always cleanse your crystal with sage or palo santo. Seraphinite does absorb the energy it soaks up and needs to be cleansed daily. Even if you are just carrying or wearing it, we still believe in cleansing.

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