Science & Origin of Impactite

Impactite is a very special stone created from a meteorite that struck Earth around 500 million years ago. The crater is known as the Gardnos Crater, and is located in Buskerud, Norway. The meteorite was estimated to be 650-1000 feet in size and created a crater of over 3 miles wide. Upon impact, the existing bedrock was melted down and fractured. The meteorite was carrying an extraterrestrial (E.T.) mineral within, and infused Earth’s surface during the impact. This new combination of minerals has since become known as Impactite.

It was originally thought that this meteorite impact zone was actually a volcanic crater that helped shape ancient Earth. It was highly debated amongst the science community, however two mineralogists finally putting an end to this argument in 1990. After much geological testing, Johan Naterstad and Johannes A. Dons officially designated it a meteorite crater.

Meaning & Energy

Impactite assists one on their path towards self-totality, helping maintain a clear and conscious chakra system. When one of our chakras is under distress or blocked, it affects our entire way of being. One’s emotions and mental attitude will not match up, resulting in an uneasy feeling slowly imbuing your body. Impactite’s energies raise one’s mental state to provide exceptional awareness within. By holding this stone and relaxing your mind, one will surely be able to notice what chakra doesn’t match up. Take your piece of Impactite and place it directly over that area. Continue pursuing a clear and positive mind while visualizing galactic energy seeping through your pores. The energy the E.T. mineral radiates is something no one has ever felt or experienced before. One’s self-healing and nurturing capabilities will quickly speed up when able to fully tap into Impactite’s energies. One can be meditating for mere minutes and feel a complete difference in themselves and emotional body. An etheric shield becomes built around your aura when finally attuning yourself to the energies of the cosmos. One will feel fearless and have a renewed “zest” within themselves. Soon you will see a higher version of yourself being channeled through your body. When you are truly connected to your consciousness, anything is possible.


Moldavite Similarities

Impactite and it’s underlying vibrations are similar to that of the infamous “Moldavite Flush”, which occurs when working with another impact stone called Moldavite. This experience is the complete draining of negative emotions one continues to carry with them, even after acknowledging how unnecessary it is. Try meditating with these stones together to have the ultimate emotional roller coaster one may need to free themselves. Place these minerals at points of the body that you believe will serve you best. Allow yourself to fall into a deep meditation and see what journey these E.T. stones are capable of.

Strong Vibrations

Be advised that both these minerals are very strong and should be used with extreme caution, whether together or separate. We recommend these crystals for higher level practioniors, but we do welcome anyone to experience them together. Just have heavy grounding stones and other protective stones nearby. If the energy becomes too much, place these stones away from one another and out of your immediate area. Continue practicing when you feel capable of doing so, since you are adjusting your energy levels to that of another world.

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