Chrysanthemum Stone

Chrysanthemum Stone

Science & Origin Of Chrysanthemum Stone

Chrysanthemum Stone, also known as Flower Stone, is a rare stone consisting of a brown or black matrix (made up of Limestone, Dolomite, Porphyry, Clay, & Gypsum). It has natural inclusions of Calcite, Feldspar, Crandallite, Andalusite, and Celestite. These inclusions are generally white on a very dark matrix and resemble that of a Chrysanthemum flower. They are believed to have been formed over 290 million years ago with the help of hot temperatures and organic-rich mud on sea floors. These stones can be found mainly in China and Japan however, there have been recent discoveries in Canada and the United States. These findings have been bringing more attention to this highly mysterious stone.

Chrysanthemum Stone Lore

Chrysanthemum was first discovered in Liuyang, Hunan Province, China and has been part of the Chinese culture for countless centuries. It is also the official symbol of the Chinese Imperial Family (the ruling family over the world's largest country). There is a ton of lore and endless discussion about this stone and what the true meaning behind it really is. Most myths and legends around Chrysanthemum involve individuals falling in love with each other thus creating an eternal everlasting bond. The most famous story depicts immortal lovers in heaven who were madly in love with one another. In an act to symbolize their emotions, they rained down Chrysanthemums onto the new world which ended up landing in the Liuyang river. These petals, along with the help of water and sand, eventually turned into the stone we all cherish today. Another common folklore is the story of two lovers who refused to live their lives away from one another. They held tightly onto each other up until their deaths, with the man turning into stone and the woman into a beautiful Chrysanthemum. This etched their bond in nature, showing humanity that love truly is the only thing that lasts forever.

Chrysanthemum Stone

When finding this mineral on the market you may notice some specimens that have “flowers” protruding off the matrix. This however is not a natural occurrence because it was shaped by a worker after extracting this mineral, in the hopes of boosting its value. This does nothing to the energy within the stone though because the etching done to the limestone filled matrix is there to help reveal the Chrysanthemum.

Meaning & Energy

Chrysanthemum Stones are powerful life talismans that are here to assist one along their spiritual journey to help better understand your soul within. This stone helps you develop a deeper connection with your emotional body and aids one in finding their life purpose. It's a perfect crystal to work with or carry daily if you constantly feel “lost”. It also helps one not only find their way in this difficult and confusing world, but also resets one’s entire chakra by pushing them back in realignment. This method is usually done with reiki healers (which we highly recommend, granted they are authentic), but can also be assisted through deep meditation with the help of some other potent crystals. Use your Chrysanthemum Stone in association with Aragonite, Moldavite, Quartz, Serpentine, Selenite, or Shiva Lingam. All of these stones promote inner wisdom, clarity, and self-healing energies that will push you towards a path of total transformation.

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