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Science & Origin of Preseli Bluestone

Preseli Bluestone, also known as Preseli Stone or Preseli Spotted Dolerite, is a very unique and rare igneous rock that crystallizes in the form of masses. This crystal is made up of multiple minerals that include Dolerite, Feldspar (Plagioclase), Diopside, Biotite, Quartz just to name a few. The color can range in a variety of different green hues (Dolerite) with inclusions of tiny white spots (Quartz) and black specs (usually a mix of Hematite, Biotite, and Ilmenite). The only known locality of this stone is within both the Preseli Hill and mountain ranges in western Wales.

Controversial History

Preseli Bluestone has a long storied past that's shrouded in controversy. The famous Stonehenge in England is made up of 43, 4,000-8,000 pound blocks of Preseli Bluestone. Stonehenge is estimated to be over 5,000 years old (dating back to 3100 B.C) and is thought to have once contained over 80 Preseli Bluestone “standing stones”. The main controversy that entangles this prehistoric site and million year old mineral is how exactly it got to its location. Stonehenge is located in Wiltshire, which is about 150 miles away from the Preseli Hills, the only known locality of this infamous stone. Historians are divided on just about every aspect of this stone, its cultural site, and how it got to where it is.

Glacial Theory

One side wholeheartedly believes in the “Glacier Erratic” theory, which infers that massive chunks of Mother Earth were transported 150 miles across the UK during the melting of the Irish Sea Glacier. The other leading theory is human labor forces were able to transport these massive stones across large valleys of land. Some historians that share this theory believe it could have taken upwards of 500 years to fully complete the transportation process. Others share the common ideology that these stones were once used in another monument and then dismantled and recreated in Wiltshire for an unknown reason. There is also a third theory or idea that raises the question around the possibility of some “other” way in which these stones got there. That “other” is indeed the question and debate that the third theory focuses on!

Rooted Through History

In addition to the blocks at Stonehenge, there was also a large number of ancient tools and weapons carved directly out of Preseli Bluestone. These artifacts have been found throughout mainland England, but the exact stone used to carve these specific items is much more intriguing. All throughout England, archaeologists have uncovered multiple different types of Dolerite, more specifically Preseli Bluestone. Since this igneous rock is a combination of multiple different minerals, each stone’s chemical body varies slightly. Through present day research, scientists and historians have been able to directly link the tools around Stonehenge to the blocks themselves; nearly mirroring the exact chemical makeup.

Preseli Bluestone

The Mystery Continues

This long debate has finally been settled and it shows the intelligence level and crafting skills needed to work with this exceptionally unique mineral. Preseli Bluestone has been found to be harder and stronger than Granite, known as one of the strongest materials in the world. For these ancient people to have been able to develop an understanding of how to craft, carve, and sculpt this mineral shows the high level of intelligence of this unknown society. This long standing hypothesis based on the tools surrounding Stonehenge only amplifies the conspiracies and mysteries associated with this rock. How could a settlement of people not leave behind any written or physical artifacts but carve a rock with a hardness of 8-9? We would love to hear your ideas of what happened to these people, as well as what Stonehenge was used for!

Meaning & Energy

Preseli Bluestone offers up a strong, yet subtle transformative energy that immediately begins to imbue your aura. One’s spirit and energy levels will push them to take action and soar through their current obstacles. Old earth energy, a time where there was massive change through cataclysmic powers, can be channeled through you when tapping into this Dolerite variety. Just as the planet reshaped itself to become a floating vessel capable of harnessing life, so can your own physical bodies. Our own vessels need to adjust to the massive changes that occur in this multi dimensional world each and every day. Mentally it is taxing and physically our bodies become controlled and dependent on emotional stimulus. We look to family, personal friends, and material objects to help distract one from their own personal issues. In some cases, these crutches can even endanger our physical life and even contribute to our own death.

Looking Inward

Preseli Bluestone is here to turn your attention inwards and begin to fill the void that only you know exists. As you turn your attention towards your own personal well being, one will notice the considerate amount of time they are left pondering about their surrounding environment. This is where these ancient crystals' power really begins to break through and shine. As your emotional body begins to heal its wounds and as your mental health begins to rise above all around you, one will be capable of pushing their physical well being. It's extremely difficult to prosper in all these areas at once, especially when these attributes have been stifled and silenced for so long. Preseli Bluestone makes that a reality and truly embodies some of the purest healing and transformative energies we’ve ever worked with.

Ancient Roots

We encourage anyone who is struggling with addiction or other vices to really engage themselves in the world of Ancient Earth. Anyone, no matter the skill level, can access these energies and become a part of a more pure world full of endless growth and abundance of love. These rays can and will be channeled through you as you open up your consciousness to the unimaginable. One must trust themselves and be fully invested in their own self discovery for Preseli Bluestone to truly work its wonders.

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