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Science & Origin of Tourmalinated Quartz

Tourmalinated Quartz, also known as Tourmalined Quartz, is a unique mineral containing Black Tourmaline (sometimes referred to as Schorl) needles included within a Quartz structure. The Quartz can be in a variety of forms such as points, masses, and druzes. Little is known about the history of this mineral or who even found it. The first recorded specimens are believed to have come from Brazil in the mid to late 1900’s. Since then, a majority of this mineral still comes from this South American country; although some deposits have been found throughout the United States of America. California’s infamous Tourmaline King Mine and Blue Lady Mine in San Diego have extracted some beautiful examples of this combination mineral.

Meaning & Energy

Tourmalinated Quartz brings forth energies of enlightenment and understanding of the physical realm around you. The Tourmaline included within the Quartz helps activate and open your root chakra, enabling the body and mind to connect to Mother Earth. One can rejuvenate their physical body while also relinquishing negative thoughts or ideas within the mind. The Quartz only enhances this effect and can instantly elevate one’s consciousness and mental understanding of the world. Sometimes, an external reminder is needed to realign your values and decide if the path you're currently on is the correct one.

Tourmalinated Quartz is a reminder of the infamous occult term, “As above, so below”. This phrase comes from the Emerald Tablets, which is a collection of ancient philosophical knowledge nearly 2,000 years old. There are many different interpretations of this phrase, but a general, vague consensus has eventually been reached. It is understood that YOU are the creator of your universe and who YOU truly are. As you think it, you can achieve it. As you manifest it, you are creating it. Each step towards enlightenment is another part of the journey, and it puts you one step closer to connecting you with your higher self. 

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Tourmalinated Quartz


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