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Chiastolite Science & Origin

Chiastolite, also known as Cross Stone, is a very rare variety of Andalusite, an aluminum nesosilicate mineral with crossed shaped inclusions of black Graphite and Carbon. The cross can only be seen when this mineral is sliced, though it does run throughout the entire stone. This mineral was first mentioned in a 1648 book titled “De Gemmis et Lapidibus”, but was officially recorded in 1754 by José Torrubia. Chiastolite only has 3 active localities, central Massachusetts, Boal, Asturias, Spain, and Bimbowrie Conservation Park, Olary Province, South Australia, Australia.


This mineral has a very unique past and was highly treasured by colonists in New England, USA region. When the first puritans and pilgrims came over, they settled near common day Lancaster, Massachusetts. Once there, they began to discover this mineral along the land and by river beds. This began to scare and discourage these newfound settlers, having fled Europe specifically over religious persecution. They had no answers for the stone, how it got there, or why it was shaped like a cross, Luckily, this thought left there mind when in 1640 a law was passed exempting parties from taxation who could provide precious metals. The Puritans decided to send these stones back over to England, which immediately captivated the royal’s attention. Soon after, a mine was set up in Lancaster and neighboring Sterling, with all Chiastolite being shipped back to Europe. Some stones are still on display throughout many museums across Europe.


Energy & Healing

Chiastolite helps one open up their root chakra and connect their energies to that of Mother Earth. These energies can provide one with mental clarity and inner peace, as well as accelerating one’s self-healing process. One’s aura will constantly be filled with positive energy when working with Chiastolite, thus leading to joy and enlightenment. This mineral also assists in peeling back the layers of who you truly are, helping you see past life experiences and feel lifetimes of emotions through heavy meditation sessions. We recommend this mineral for anyone who is looking to personally grow on all levels, spiritually, physically, mentally, and emotionally. 

This mineral is also a perfect talisman for protection and warding off negative vibration and deities. Simply holding this stone helps raise one's awareness to their surrounding energies, as well as etherically shielding one’s aura. Old Native Americans believed heavily in the protection aspects this mineral provided and would readily have it with them during rituals and ceremonies.


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