Miriam Stone (Calligraphy Stone)

Miriam Stone (Calligraphy Stone)

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Science & Origin of Miriam Stone

Miriam Stone, also known as Calligraphy Stone, Elephant Skin Jasper, and Arabic Stone, is a unique mineral composed of fossilized shells, bones, and vegetation from an ancient swamp. This complex stone is a result of the Himalayan Mountains shifting and forming the landscape we see today. During this time, the entire area was put under extreme pressure, with conditions ripe enough to fossilize and condense anything surrounding this newly formed mountain chain. This has never occurred anywhere else on planet Earth and makes this newly discovered crystal very appealing on the mineral market. The reason for this is mainly due to Miriam Jasper’s physical appearance and the story of its creation. However, only true practitioners understand the value of the energy that it holds. One will be able to channel the powers of ancient Earth and all of its purity within.

As Earth was developing, it was a much different place than what we see today. The ground was very fertile, the air was extremely pure, and the elements combined were the perfect equation to enhance and exhibit life. This created pure life energy free for the taking. These are the basic building blocks of life and all of her beauty. This is the same energy contained in each and every Calligraphy Stone. We highly urge you to meditatie with some form of this crystal (tumbled, palm stone, sphere) and begin extracting the vibrations which have been dormant since its creation.

Miriam Stone (Calligraphy Stone)

Meaning & Energy

As one begins to channel this ancient energy throughout their body, a calming and soothing sensation will begin to circulate. This will assist one in “loosening” their physical body and help create a stronger connection to Earth. As one “plugs in”, nurturing and rejuvenation energy will soon fill your auric field. This helps in the overall protection of one’s physical body, as your aura can negate and deflect negative vibrations when strong enough. We chose to nickname Miriam Jasper the “Recharging Stone”, due to its ability to replace one’s “batteries” with simplicity and ease. All it takes is a few minutes out of your day for your mind, body, and spirit to truly reflect the purest form of you. Meditate! Meditate! Meditate!

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