Science & Origin of Lakelandite

Lakelandite is a unique mineral consisting of Basalt and Bytownite, a calcium rich plagioclase feldspar. It is believed to have formed around 480 million years ago in present day Cumbria, Coldbeck Falls, United Kingdom. During this time period, the area was under severe volcanic and cataclysmic activity. Over the course of around 10 million years, this volcanic activity eventually deposited a 7 kilometers thick layer of rock. It is during this time that Basalt and Bytownite became infused together, and eventually created Lakelandite.

Over 470 million years have passed since Lakelandite was created and over this time period, a 3 kilometers thick layer of sedimentary rock covered the entire deposit. This would have normally made the mineral completely unknown to us (simply due to the depth at which it's buried), but thankfully with the help of ancient glaciers and natural erosion, we now have access to it. The small area where one can mine this mineral is about 200 square meters. This tiny space is the one and only area in the world where Lakelandite can be extracted from. This stone is very hard to find on the market and will generally be very expensive. When it is found, you’ll usually see it in the shape of wands, palmstones, spheres, skulls and tumbled stones.


Meaning & Energy

The heart and root chakra become infused together when tapping into Lakelandite. One will soon discover the ancient healing energies this crystal holds and how to go about channeling it into your own self-healing routine. Simply meditating with this stone for a few minutes will show you just how potent this mineral really is. Lakelandite’s energies are extremely beneficial for those suffering from a broken heart or uncontrollable emotional patterns. As one begins to open themselves up to this stone, their connection with Mother Earth will slowly increase as well. As one becomes rooted to our planet, they will begin to project nurturing and rejuvenating energies to heal all wounds.

Releasing Unecessary Weight

The opening of your heart and releasing of unnecessary weight is something Lakelandite is prized for. Anyone who has recently undergone a tragic event or loss of a loved one will be best suited for the healing needs from this stone. Lakelandite provides comfort and protection of one's emotional body as they mourn and grieve during this truly devastating time. The term “time heals all wounds” is absolutely inapplicable here, but Lakelandite can transition one into their new reality. This mineral is truly special and has the ability to provide love, healing protection, and strength when it is most needed. These tragic times do not last, but will remain with us forever. It is our sole responsibility to move forward from this and allow our spirit to continue its growth.

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