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Science & Origin of Chalcedony

Truffle Chalcedony, also known as Womb Stone, Chalcedony Nodules, and Chalcedony Balls, are rare botryoidal Chalcedony clusters only found in Morocco. They usually range in color from white to tan and to an even darker brown that almost looks “burnt”. This mineral is commonly mis-identified as Nodular Agate, which is an entirely different crystal. Although they are both members of the Chalcedony family, their chemical makeup and body structure are not the same. In fact, you may have a hard time finding this mineral online or at your local crystal shop due to it being referred to as numerous other names. Just be aware of who you are buying this mineral from and ask the salesperson if they have any background knowledge on the stone. This botryoidal Chalcedony variety was only recently discovered in Morocco which makes it a relatively new collection in any store’s inventory.

Meaning & Energy

Chalcedony Nodules help one activate their root chakra and build a deeper connection with Mother Earth. This connection helps one ground their energy, thoughts, and emotions to this plane in order to slow your entire being. This Chalcedony allows one to calm their daily way of life and become more in touch with themselves and their surroundings. As one’s mind becomes clear, they will come to terms with what is most important to them and their spiritual path. We recommend that once you’ve found the things worth working towards, you’ll begin to feel energized. Whether it be a new hobby, activity, job or relationship, go for it all by taking a step out of your comfort zone. Chalcedony Nodules are here to revitalize one's spirit and rejuvenate your aura. It taps into one's inner strength and brings it into the limelight, allowing you to see the potential you harness within. Once renewed confidence begins to flow through your body, and your will becomes aligned with your soul, any dream or desire will become attainable.

Truffle Chalcedony

Meditating With Garnet

Try meditating with this mineral in association with Garnet. Garnet is one of our favorite minerals for power, focus, confidence, and getting things done. It also activates one’s root chakra and aids in all manifestation abilities and exercises. This pair can help you create an unstoppable mindset that shows you the true potential you have.

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