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Emerald is a form of Beryl and has been around for thousands of years. It was only commonly referred to as “Emerald” in as early as 1526 via the Oxford English Dictionary. This form of Beryl gets its color from tiny impurities of Chromium. This mineral is found in Africa, Brazil, Columbia, and several parts of Russia. Emerald is an exceptionally powerful stone and aids in the stimulation and activation of the heart chakra. This stone works towards enhancing memory and mental clarity by encouraging one to accept love as a gift rather than as a tool, and to utilize that energy to awaken the divine heart. In doing this, one allows the stone's energy to transform the heart's feelings for the better.

Emerald is a stone that strengthens the heart's emotions to accept a higher level of love and compassion. Its teaches one self love and understanding through the lesson of others. This stone teaches us that we may only love others by how much we love ourselves. Emerald offers up the energy to attract prosperity and strengthen the heart by discovering different levels of love, unity, and bonding.  

Related to Venus, Emerald is a stone of beauty, reminding us that the universe is abundant and we have to appreciate what and who we are. It takes us on a journey of self love, self motivation, and increasing one’s strength. The crystal will clear a person’s mind and show that we as humans get what we put out in the world. By learning this, the person will begin to shift their view of things by taking them to a higher sense of emotions.


Emerald will teach a person to make loving choices and give kindness and forgiveness by strengthening the heart’s emotions to a better state of being. In return, this allows the person resonate with more emotional love, not only of others, but also themselves. Let your heart follow the path of your higher self with Emerald. Understanding, accepting, and discovering ourselves might be a scary thing for some people, but by allowing Emerald to help guide you using the powers of love and emotions will leave one feeling more at ease and secure. 

Emerald will heal heartache by opening up levels of the heart in accepting compassion and allow your higher self to shine. Thus by doing this, one will achieve in elevated state of understanding.

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