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Science & Origin of Strawberry Quartz

Strawberry Quartz is a rare variety of Quartz with Hematite and Mica inclusions and crystallizes in mass formations. The color depends on the amount of Iron within the Quartz. Some pieces may appear reflective due to a large number of mica flakes. Strawberry Quartz can be found in large deposits in China and Brazil.

Strawberry Quartz vs. Cherry Tanzurine

This mineral is not to be confused with Cherry Tanzurine, which looks very similar in color and appearance. Cherry Tanzurine naturally gets its color only from Lepidolite and was recently discovered in Tanzania. To learn more about Cherry Tanzurine click here!

Strawberry Quartz is easily faked and synthetically created. Be wary when purchasing specimens and know who you’re buying from. Natural Strawberry Quartz specimens will range in color with no two pieces appearing alike. Genuine pieces will most likely have fractures throughout the Quartz as well. Our recommendation is to know the locality of the piece before purchasing.

Strawberry Quartz

Meaning & Energy

Strawberry Quartz enlightens your heart chakra and grounds your aura. The softness of the Lepidolite within can be felt during meditation, naturally working to sooth and calm your body. The conjunction of these minerals assists in the realignment of your chakra system. This aids you in finding a healthy inner balance of your emotions and how to best express them. You may seek new outlets as you begin to learn more about yourself while uncovering hidden passions.

Calming Emotions

The energies of Strawberry Quartz are perfect for anyone currently dealing with anxiety, PTSD, depression, or other emotional disorders. A lot of these issues stem from suppressed emotions and unresolved feelings. Strawberry Quartz naturally helps you open up, especially your heart chakra, and explore parts of yourself that were once closed off. Try meditating with a piece over your heart chakra and allow yourself to recognize any energies or thoughts that begin to come forward.

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