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Science & Origin of Cherry Tanzurine

Cherry Tanzurine is the trademarked name for a recent discovery of Quartz with Lepidolite inclusions from Tanzania. It crystallized in mass formations and its hue of color is based on the amount of Lepidolite impurities within. What is so fascinating about this stone is its unique hardness even with it containing the soft mica mineral. It was discovered by Jonathan Bartky on the Massai Tribal land in northern Tanzania. Bartky is involved in the sourcing and mining of this mineral and has his known company known as Ariel Treasures.

Meaning & Energy

Cherry Tanzurine combines the energies of Quartz and Lepidolite to induce balance, enlightenment, happiness, self-love, and resolution. With a heavy lithium content, we suggest placing this stone directly on your third eye or crown chakra. Lithium is given to patients directly as an ingestible substance to help stabilize the mind (especially in treating bipolar disorder). Its mood-altering effects can adjust our emotional balance and alter our perspective to steer us towards a resolution.

Cleansing Our Body

One of the more unique traits of Lepidolite’s energies is its ability to align and clear our chakra column. This effect is enhanced when included within Quartz due to its amplification effects. This provides us with the ability to handle the juggling of our emotions while also balancing our polarities. Each day is different, and sometimes there may not even be a reason for why we are emotionally “off”. Having trinkets nearby such as Cherry Tanzurine can provide us with an escape from our own feelings to reconnect back with reality.

Cherry Tanzurine

Restful Peace

Sleep is not only one of the most important things for a human being, but its also one of the most neglected and abused. We all struggle with relaxing and calming our minds and fully allowing our bodies to sink into a deep slumber. This is vital for healing and rejuvenating your auric fields and entire energy system so that you may be better tomorrow than you were today. Cherry Tanzurine provides us with a tool to calm ourselves before this important time each day. Having this stone by your nightstand, bedside, or within your pillowcase can have profound effects on soothing not only yourself but also the entire room in which it fills. In today’s age, stimulation is the only word that we seem to know, and relaxing is far from a priority. Listen to your intuition, allowing yourself the time to release and recharge.

We’d like to think that the discovery of this stone a few years ago was a much-needed gift from mother earth. With this being such a recent find, we’re learning more about its energies with each connection. You may experience similar effects or completely different ones when utilizing this spiritual ally. We’d love to hear any experiences you may have felt with Cherry Tanzurine.

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