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Science & Origin of Collawood

Collawood is an extremely rare version of Petrified Wood that comes from Zile, Turkey. It includes inclusions of Copper minerals such as Chrysocolla, Malachite, Azurite , and Turquoise. This mineral occurrence was stumbled upon when a group of miners were looking for Gold Ore deposits.

Millions of years ago ancient trees from Turkey were buried with debris that caused the process of petrification to occur. However, a particular set of trees happened to fall over an active free-flowing Copper deposit. Over time, the Copper filled the empty spaces within the nearly completed Petrified Wood. This resulted in petrified pieces that contained bright inclusions of Copper minerals such as Chrysocolla. This has more than a one in a trillion chance of happening.

Rare Aquisition

We at the Crystal Council were fortunate enough to stumble on a few unique pieces of Collawood. Its colors instantly captivate the eye and present a juxtapose of colors that nearly look unnatural. The bold greens and blues stand out against the dark petrified base.


Meaning & Energy

First and foremost, Collawood emits energies that connect us with Mother Earth while rooting our being into the physical world. Like Petrified Wood, we are able to easily access and obtain information from past life experiences. This knowledge is capable of captivating the mind to alter the course of our true life path. The life force energy that can be channeled through this crystal will expand not only the mind and body, but also the heart. Through this expansion, our intellectual capabilities will begin to become hightenented, while presenting us with reasons why we should stay grounded to the physical world. When we find ourselves questioning our next move in life, Collawood will serve as a reminder of our true purpose. This self-realization must be drawn out from deep within your soul and cannot be taught by an outside force.


The major difference between Collawood and Petrified Wood is the intuitive effects that Collawood can produce within your body and mind. Not only does this special Turkish wood stimulate the brain, it also stimulates our second mind known as our gut. This second area of knowledge contains our own true freedom, artistic abilities, and passion that brings our desires to life. Unlike our physical brain, this area is much less crowded and does not rely on external vibrations to produce change and self-betterment. Collawood is a symbolic tool to bring our own inner light to the forefront of the volatility that surrounds us. These energies provide us with the ability to enlighten ourselves so that we can uplift others in a similar way.

Due to the Copper oxidation that takes place in Collawood, our communication center will become activated when meditating with this energy intention. Chrysocolla, Turquoise, and Shattuckite are a few of the Copper bearing minerals that can be found within this ancient tree. All three of these stones can help open and unlock our throat chakra to promote words and actions. This stone conjures a channel to express your identity and desires while also allowing others to easily understand your intentions. This is widely important for any public speaker, school teacher, manager, or just anyone who is looking to promote their lively and animated voice.

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