Science & Origin of Spinel

Spinel is a rare aluminum magnesium oxide mineral that crystallizes in the form of octahedral crystals, dodecahedral, cubic, and massive formations. It can be seen in a variety of different colors such as red, blue, green, violet, black, yellow, orange, grey, brown, white, and even colorless. Up until 1783 red Spinel was always classified as Ruby, however shortly after it was understood to be chemically different. This mineral was first discovered in 1779, but had been known for centuries prior. J. Demeste was credited for its initial recording as well as the naming of it. He chose to derive the name from the Latin word “spinella” which means “little thorn”. Some of the best Spinel in the world comes out of Sri Lanka, Vietnam, Myanmar, and Thailand. Other notable deposits are located in Afghanistan, Nepal, Madagascar, Nigeria, and Tanzania.

Spinel has been adored and treated as a “royalty” stone for countless centuries. Many royal families have Spinels within their national Crown Jewels, most coming directly from a few ancient mines in Tajikistan. The Crown Jewels of the United Kingdom have two very famous Spinel’s in their collection, known as the “Black Prince’s Ruby” and the “Timur Ruby”. The Black Prince Ruby (a 34 gram cabochan) has been in the possession of the Royal Family since 1367 and was given directly to Edward of Woodstock (Son of King Edward the third). The Timur Ruby (72 gram & polished) is an unfaceted red Spinel that was made into a necklace for Queen Victoria. It was named after the original owner, Emperor Timur, who founded the Timurid Empire. This stone was taken by the British Empire when they annexed the Punjab Region in 1849. The East Indian Trading Company later presented it as a gift to Queen Victoria in 1853. On the back of the gemstone, it is inscribed with the names and dates of it’s previous owners. The Iranian Crown Jewels have the largest single Spinel gem ever discovered and it’s referred to as the “Sumerian Spinel” weighing over 100g.


Meaning & Energy

Spinel helps with the overall flow of one’s energy and assists in the realignment of their entire chakra body. Your mental awareness will immediately become raised and strengthen the connection you have to your physical and emotional body. One will be able to better pinpoint what part of their body may be “off” and identify underlying emotions that are being suppressed. Spinel shines a light on these fractured pieces of who we truly are, providing endless amounts of light and love to rejuvenate us. This mineral connects with Mother Earth to help provide uplifting vibrations from your home planet. Spinel channels the healing powers of nature and Earth to regenerate your life force energy to keep you going. With this extremely pure and potent energy, one will soon be able to feel like a better version of themselves. A more complete you that has the energy, confidence, and desire to make any needed change to your life. You will soon notice yourself looking at life through a different “lens” and become more in touch with the environment around you. You’ll tend to notice yourself picking up the energies of animals and humans, much like that of an empath.

Compassion Through Spinel

This outwardly connection is vital to one’s self growth and happiness. The compassion we have towards others is rewarded with pure joy being channeled through our spirit. This energy can change one’s entire attitude and mental state. Spinel shows one that we must grow by evolving with the ones around us. No matter how strong you become, you are still only one singular soul. By having everyone around you on the same frequency, a new kind of love can conjure and become a vital part of your spiritual evolution.

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