Science & Origin of Isua

Isua, also known as the Isua Greenstone Belt, is a specific rock found near Nuuk, Greenland containing fossilized layers of algae and Iron.This area is of much study due to it being one of the oldest ancient plate tectonic sequences we have ever discovered. It is estimated to be around 3.7-3.8 billion years old and for a short while in 2016, was the oldest fossil of a living organism ever discovered on Earth. This was superseded a year later by the discovery of microorganisms in the Nuvvuagittuq Greenstone Belt, located in Quebec, Canada. The fossilized layers of Isua are usually alternating in colors, between grey, black, tan, and beige. It's one of the more unique minerals in regards to it’s appearance that we’ve ever seen. No one has officially been given credit for the finding of this rock belt formation, although it is the subject of constant study and analysis. As more ice and snow around this area begins to slowly melt, we are furthering our understanding of how and when our planet became habitable for life.

Meaning & Energy

This mineral holds so many secrets of ancient Earth and the energies it once radiated. Chaos, harmony, peace, mayhem, love, destruction, and life all in one singular crystal. Isua takes one’s consciousness back in time to a place no physical being is capable of. A period of early evolution with raw, pure energy existing on Earth’s surface. Isua takes your soul to a place beyond its own existence (no matter how many lives you’ve lived) in search of purity, prophetic knowledge, and strength. It is a true talisman of the mind, body, and soul, with endless capabilities to provide one true ascension. To access this ancient energy, one must first accustom themselves to the energies that radiate off Isua. It is not a stone for the sensitive and can be very overwhelming at first. All levels of crystal practitioners must attune their energies to this mineral and slowly add it into their meditation routines. Carry a piece with you to accustom your subconscious body to the energies your aura will soon come to be filled with. Once comfortable and ready to move forward, slowly begin to add Isua into your meditation sessions. Try placing Isua on your third eye to directly absorb the ancient energy into the pineal gland. This will help one raise their entire mental awareness and allow the soul to more easily “escape” the physical body. Much like astral travel, the soul must leave the body to retrieve this ancient knowledge. One must allow their mind and consciousness to become that one singular being and only then has the Isua journey just begun.


Rapid Transformation

The transformation one will go through when working with Isua can be drastic. One may notice themselves beginning to shed old layers and reducing things in their environment that no longer serve them. It helps one accept the ongoing growth that has taken place and push them to continue moving in that direction. Naturally, humans want to fight change, even if the end result is something you truly love. Isua is here to provide comfort during this time of change and expose individuals to new opportunities and interests. One will begin to notice themselves taking action and doing what is best for their current well being. This is a clear indication of one asserting control directly into their life path, without distractions or societal expectations swaying their mental state. None of this will occur overnight or in one meditation session with Isua. One must continuously use Isua and fully harmonize with this mineral if they truly want to see transformation and alignment of their higher self.

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