Blue Scheelite

Blue Scheelite

Science & Origin of Blue Scheelite

Blue Scheelite, also known as Lapis Lace Onyx, is a stone that is not actually Scheelite but rather Calcite and Dolomite. When the owner of the mine found the vein, he incorrectly identified it as a Scheelite-based stone due to its UV fluorescence. Interestingly, this Calcite and Dolomite mixture produces the same color when shown under UV light. The fascinating bond between these two minerals is that they both share a hardness of 3, yet for some reason when combined, create a hardness of 5. Currently, it can only be found in one locality of Turkey.

Meaning & Energy

Blue Scheelite is a soothing stone that can help ground our thoughts and ideas. Dolomite is a stone of the earth that not only balances our entire chakra column but will allow you to look at things with a more sensible outlook. On the other hand, Blue Calcite will awaken the mind and help enhance your ability to process information at higher vibrations. The result is a combination that doubles as a spiritual talisman and an earthen representation.

Meaningful Carvings

Due to the unique hardness of Blue Scheelite, it is an ideal stone for crafting and carving if done correctly. This is a perfect piece for an amulet or locket around the throat. This will then assist in activating and unlocking your communicative chakra. Our voice is strong when centered and projected in the right direction. Working with Blue Scheelite will help massage this chakra like a muscle and allow you to better communicate your thoughts and feelings. If you cannot find a pendant or necklace, place a palm stone or tumbled piece in your hand when speaking.

Blue Scheelite

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