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Dolomite is a calcium magnesium carbonate that forms commonly in large granular habits. The color ranges from solid whites, to cream, green, pink or gray. Our planets most prized and crystallized mines of Dolomite can be found in Switzerland, Great Britain, Namibia, Italy, Spain and India. This stone has been spread abundantly throughout the world for the reason of bringing balance to all people.

Dolomite enhances our ability to achieve calmness, patience and centeredness in our lives. With time moving faster and everything happening so quickly, we may find ourselves removed from the present moment and from ourselves as well. Dolomite works to bring us back to our “original” vibration so that we may return to our normal state of homeostasis. Whenever our mentality or vibration may be lacking, Dolomite works to smooth out, fill and replace any energies that may leave one feeling out of balance.

Emotionally, Dolomite is quite helpful in restoring one to a state of centeredness so that one may reset themselves and move forward with a clear mind and heart. It is from this point that we may begin to ponder solutions to sources of stress that hold us back from our greatest potential. This stones ruling element is Earth, and that is exactly how one may describe the vibrations felt from its energy. When any of our emotions comes out of balance, Dolomite helps to bring an unhealthy use of the imagination back to Earth.  Fiery emotions such as irritability, anger and frustration can be dissolved from the stone. Just as excessive streaks of fantasy or unrealistic expectations can be put to a halt so that necessary actions may take place prior to the “end goal”.

Dolomite can best be described as a stone that “keeps things in check”. It works to soothe and extinguish an excessive ego so that one may grasp the opportunity to go inward and discover deep personal truths. Denial, fantasy, and impracticalities of all kinds can be extinguished with this stone in a way that is practical and real. The effects of this stone can be seen as a great aid for young children whose emotions, energies, moodiness and hormones may at times slip out of balance.


This is an exceptional stone for anybody who may be overwhelmed by the energies of a particular stone or vibration. Dolomite becomes a middle-ground and a “safe place” for anybody sensitive to higher energies, especially that of stones and crystals. Stones like Phenacite, Moldavite, Rhodozite and Herkimer Diamonds can be strong generators of energy. Dolomite works well with these stones because it blankets and smooths their intensity to a manageable rate. Carrying Dolomite during the full moon phase is another way to lessen the intensity for energy sensitive people.

This is a stone for those having a hard time seeing their connection to Spirit. As stated earlier, this stone brings everything into balance. So for those of us who tend to lean more toward physical density, this stone pulls us to see those little “magical” synchronicities that remind us we are apart of something much, much bigger. This stone encourages us to stop searching for miracles or validation and to start tuning into the many miraculous experiences within each tiny moment or scenario. Remember, this is an awakening stone for those who wish to ease into their truest, most authentic versions with a steady pace.

Physically this stone is excellent for cleansing the body of any unwanted or harmful substances. It is strongly recommended for anybody dealing with a dependency or addiction to smoking, eating, gaming, or any habit exceeding moderation. This stone works to heal and renew the skeletal system and will amplify the healing of bones and teeth. In regards to weight loss, appetite and metabolism, Dolomite helps us to see when we are truly “hungry” so that we may feed, nourish and fuel the body in healthy moderation. This is a great stone to work with when beginning a new lifestyle of health, diet change or exercise regiment.


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