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Science & Origin of Colombianite

Colombianite, also known as Piedra Rayo, is an ancient form of Obsidian (Black) glass that closely resembles a Tektite (Hence its Pseudotektie classification). Piedra Rayo translates to “Lightning Stone '' and is believed to have been the “Cintamani Stone” from sanskrit teachings and literature. It was estimated that these stones are around 30 million years old, which is extremely unique for any type of Obsidian. Most Colombianite forms in small ovals and spheres with irregular grooves along the outside that look nearly identical to the “hedgehog” makeup of Moldavite. Upon first glance, you may think that this is a solid, bold stone that is unable to be penetrated by light. However, shining a light through Colombianite will result in the black exterior being overwhelmed by a smoky or yellow transparent color that shines through. Pieces are generally sold by the gram due to their rarity and can usually range from a quarter-inch in size to up to a few inches. Local villagers and tribespeople make a living by hand mining these pieces. There are only a few known deposits in regions of Colombia coming out of the area of Cauca.

Muisca Tribe

The Muisca tribe is an ancient civilization that formed before the Spanish Conquest of 1537 and was one of the first four grand civilizations of the Americas. This community was also referred to as the “Salt People'' due to their extraction and trading of salt alongside precious minerals to neighboring indigenous groups. They are widely known throughout present-day Colombia as great warriors, energy leaders, and spiritual guides. Their craftsmanship with minerals was unparalleled and they were responsible for exquisite carvings such as the El Dorado Raft, a figurine made entirely of Pre-Colombian gold.

Meaning & Energy

Colombianite is a sacred stone for humanity and is responsible for reigniting the spiritual fire within us. These ancient Obsidian pieces help unlock our hidden energies to form new transformative capabilities. The change will be induced when meditating with this stone, especially inward when looking towards your auric field. The self-reflective power of this stone is enhanced by its ancient energies which can rarely be found in an earthen stone that is nearly 30 million years old.


The polar opposite chakra activation of your crown, third eye, and root chakra will yield intense vibrations and messages from the divinity above. As Colombianite helps us channel and ground these higher energies, you’ll notice a connection with the deities that assist and lead us on our life path. As we begin to grow and change within the spirit realm, so too does our physical body. The angels above, assist with the serene guidance we feel during these times, while also helping nurture the spiritual awakening that we are experiencing.

We recommend connecting with this stone during times of dissatisfaction as well as periods of instability. When seeking answers, place this stone directly on your third eye and become encapsulated in the new world your spirit may travel to. Trust yourself, your intuition, and the beings that lead you across this vast earthen terrain we call life!

Past Life Recall

Due to the ancient origin and creation, Colombianite can help us reflect on past-life experiences and rekindle our inner spirit. Your soul has been on this planet countless times and experienced more than your brain will ever be able to comprehend. Looking towards external sources can help remove this amnesia that humanity suffers when crossing over to a new life. Meditating with Colombianite on or near your root chakra will provide you with the secretive energy that opens up the mind, body, and soul all at once. Very similar to remote viewing or astral projection, we are able to look upon a past version of ourselves from a 3D point of view to observe and understand who we really are. These experiences help translate certain unique traits that we carry over to our current life. As an example, we may have a hesitation or anxiety towards people or events that have occurred from a past phase in life. Sadly these emotions, if left unchecked, will only continue onto each life unless a correction is made. Understanding yourself and your triggers will help you find out how to overcome them. By performing this deep dive within, you will be able to see the purity of your soul that will carry over for lifetimes.

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