Zebra Serpentine (Green Tiger Eye)

Zebra Serpentine (Green Tiger Eye)

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Science & Origin of Green Tiger Eye

Green Tiger Eye is an extremely rare variety of Tiger Eye and member of the Quartz family. It has only been found crystallized in the form of masses, which led to it being a popular stone for cutting cabochons and other forms of jewelry. We’ve only seen a few pieces extracted from either Brazil or Madagascar on the mineral market. Sadly, this mineral is often faked so be extremely wary when purchasing any form of Green Tiger Eye. We suggest looking for irregularities on the surface of the stone, such as spotted asymmetrical Quartz inclusions, an iron banding pattern (usually dark black) or an unnatural color palette.

Meaning & Energy

Both Green Tiger Eye and Tiger Eye have nearly identical energies and chemical bodies (with small mineral inclusions that contribute to the change in color). One slight difference we’ve picked up from working with Green Tiger Eye has been the slight (and silent) opening of the heart chakra. As we all know, Tiger Eye not only contributes to your character development, but also accesses and enhances your personal will. Green Tiger Eye does just that, but also connects your will and heart together. This forges a bond capable of relinquishing inner doubt and fear, while allowing your heart and not your head to lead. This can propel your own understanding of what you personally want, rather than the ones that society has forced upon you.

Zebra Serpentine (Green Tiger Eye)

Green Tiger Eye is here to disperse any and all self doubt, especially that of your emotional body. Sometimes we have no idea just how strong and powerful we are. These defining traits may have gone dormant and need a potent life force energy to bring back to life. That is where Green Tiger Eye can truly make a remarkable difference in one’s day to day life. Meditate with this beloved variety and place it directly over your heart, allowing the vibrations to penetrate your auric field. With each day that passes, one will become more and more in touch with their own heavenly side. The inner flower deep within your soul will begin to bloom and grow with one idea to be understood; Self love and appreciation is all that is, and all that will ever be.

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