Science & Origin of Selenite

Selenite is a calcium sulfate mineral that is the crystallized transparent variety of Gypsum. Satin Spar is the silky and fibrous variety of Gypsum that is abundant and commonly mislabeled as Selenite. Both of these can be found crystallized in the form of masses, acicular, granular, tabular, and prismatic shards. It was first discovered in 1747 by J.G. Wallerius and named after the Greek word meaning “moon” in reference to its blue and pale colors. Selenite is extremely abundant and can be found in nearly every country in the world. Some of the most abundant deposits on record are sourced from Morocco, Australia, Madagascar, Mexico, Brazil, and the United States. Gypsum occurs on every continent in the world and is the most abundant of all sulfate minerals. In the United States, Utah contains some of the most dazzling specimens known to the world.

Naica Mine

There is a Silver, Lead, and Zinc mine in the Northern Mexican State of Chihuahua called the Naica Mine. This mine has become world-renowned due to the discovery of mass amounts of tubular Selenite rods spanning the height of city buildings! The cave of the crystals is the name given to a corridor nearly 1,000 feet below the mine’s entryway. The chamber hosts some of the largest natural crystals we as a species have ever discovered. These crystals were able to grow at such a rapid rate due to the high temperature of around 150 degrees Fahrenheit combined with 99% humidity. At one point, visitors were able to take a tour of this monumental discovery, but sadly it was closed in 2015 due to potential flooding hazards.

Meaning & Energy

Selenite is pure white light encapsulated in physical form and is a must-have for every spiritual practitioner. The immense energies of Selenite knows no boundaries when it comes to the restoration of our own auric field and spiritual body. Selenite slices through the air cleansing and recharging any environment it's placed in. It is one of our favorite stones to help remove negative energies that may have been picked up throughout our daily routines. Meditating with a piece over your third eye or crown chakra will allow you to raise your own awareness and intuition levels. Simply put, the expansion effect translates past our own realm and into the dimensions of the dream world. Thoughts, ideas, and visions become more clear, consciously and subconsciously, while awake and asleep.


These invocations directly affect our day-to-day life and can push us into a direction that alters the course of our life path for the greater good. To get the most out of your Selenite, try having a piece on you each day, in addition to on your bedside each night! This mineral holds no negative energy and is a tool that can cleanse and recharge your favorite stones and your personal auric field. To achieve this cleansing capability, place the stones you’ve most recently worked with or purchased near or on your Selenite piece and invoke purity into your crystal armory.

Crystal Pairings

Selenite is a great stone to be paired with Black Tourmaline for all physical ailments. When it comes to mental expansion and traveling beyond the planes of this reality, use Selenite in conjunction with Phenacite, Iolite, Cavansite, Dumortierite, Shattuckite, and Moldavite. When looking to activate and unlock your unique personal will, meditating with Selenite along with , Garnet, or Carnelian will greatly enhance your transformative capabilities. Communication is often a lacking point in all of our lives that needs to be worked on. However, if you pair Selenite with stones like Blue Calcite, Chrysocolla, Larimar, Blue Chalcedony, and Turquoise it will not only open your throat chakra but also enhance your word choice.

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