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Selenite is a Hydrous Calcium Sulfate mineral. It is actually a form of Gypsum and is given the name “Selenite” only when it is found in clear and well-formed structures. Selenite has a tabular crystal structure and has striations spanning its length. It forms due to evaporation along hot springs and clay beds. This formation style is why it is referred to as a “hydrous” calcium sulfate mineral. This soft stone can be found in Australia, Greece, Mexico and the USA. It’s color is most commonly grey, yellow and white but can also be found in green or golden brown.

Our etheric chakra system lies above our physical energy centers. Selenite enables us to feel and connect to this chakra system, bringing into our physical reality a multitude of higher insights and messages. This crystal brings us into direct communion with our Higher Self and enables us to open the door to our spiritual selves. Selenite’s frequency is most stimulating to the crown chakra. It opens and cleans this chakra and allows for the transformation of our “crown” to become a gateway to the highest levels of self.

Using a Selenite Wand is a great way to direct or conduct one’s intention and energy outward for prayer or manifestation exercises. Healers and lightworkers prefer to use Selenite Wands to feel where there may be any energy blockages in the chakra centers. After locating these blockages, Selenite aids the healer in clearing and removing these blockages, allowing for a smooth flow of energy that connects us intensely to our higher selves.


Selenite Crystals are perfect for making your own energy grids. For example, creating a circle of white light by connecting the ends of selenite rods to celestite crystals will create a tremendous healing power chamber that can be felt with great force. Step inside the circle to feel immense energy being sent through the feet and up towards the crown chakra. Selenite was first metaphysically recognized for its ability to charge and cleanse crystals and jewelry. Leaving a Selenite rod by your bedside will cleanse your auric field and chakra centers while you sleep- it will even power up your favorite pocket stones or bracelets for the day ahead.

Selenite has earned its rightful nickname as “Physical White Light”-it is believed that it is composed entirely of etheric white light and will deter any and all negativity. Native Americans revered the stone for wand-making and would often mend selenite with tourmalines, zincites and blue apatites for energy work. Chinese massage therapists or acupressure therapists would make their tools out of selenite so that the negative energies leaving the patient's body would not rub off onto the healer. Leaving selenite in a grid formation throughout one’s home will protect it entirely.  It is said and has been believed for thousands of years that within the confines of selenite, nothing evil or negative can enter.

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