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Science & Origin of Sunstone

Sunstone is an oligoclase feldspar that can only be found crystallized in large masses (rarely can one find Sunstone in tabular or prismatic form). The name comes from its obvious resemblance to the sun, especially when exhibiting radiant reflections that show “flash” or chatoyancy (commonly caused by inclusions of Goethite or Hematite). A lot of Sunstone throughout the world has slight differences in color and can range from peach-pink to bright orange, as well as a light red. Rarely (and I mean rarely) is one able to find completely natural Sunstone that ranges in color from a dark blue to a slight see-through ivory green. This mineral has a history of at least a few hundred years and was discovered in 1837 by J.D. Dana. Since then, important localities have been discovered in Sri Lanka, India, Mexico, Norway, Russia, China, Canada and the United States (Oregon specifically).

Oregon has a very unique history with this crystal, It’s basalt flow contains some of the best Sunstone specimens the world has ever seen. Tiffany and Co. were one of the first to purchase mining claims on this land, which was around the early 1900’s. Before that, local Native Americans were known to highly treasure this mineral and revered it as a sacred stone gifted to them from Mother Earth. Some records even show that they would bury their dead with small satchels of Sunstone, presumably as a gift to the gods in the afterlife. Fast forward throughout much of the 1900’s, this same area became one of the most important locations for mining Sunstones throughout the world. So much so, that on August 4th, 1987, Sunstone became the official state gemstone (mineral) of Oregon. Since then, most of the Sunstone on the market nowadays comes out of various deposits throughout India.


Meaning & Energy

Sunstone resonates directly with one’s solar plexus and sacral chakras. It helps align the two, while creating an important communication channel. This specific area of the body houses crucial personal energies such as one's passion, creativity, personal will, and determination. Sunstone’s energies help revitalize these basic components which make up who we are. In addition, it will help channel those energies through your emotional and mental bodies. As the “sunny” rays of this crystal begin to imbue your entire body and aura, one may soon begin to go through a slight transformation process. This can lead to a change in their current lifestyle, including relationships, hobbies, interests, and ideas. The recently ignited fire within you will play a role in each and every decision you make. As soon as a certain event or person enters your life and draws a significant amount of your attention, one will know what this transformation process was constructing for you. This will be a path to total happiness and success. A path only dreamable by people who deem it achievable. The powers of Sunstone will prove what is capable when the body and mind work together in unison.

Try placing your most desired intention into your favorite piece of Sunstone and let it serve as a reminder of why you wake up and put all your energy into the day. Working with Sunstone will bring one prosperity, but only through the work ethic you exert. Nothing in the world is free and the price for Sunstone’s energy is time and effort. When one truly puts in every ounce of effort they have, failure is not an option. No matter what the circumstance, we as lightworkers will find a way. Trust your ever growing intuition and lead with your gut as you make challenging choices that can lead you towards your own personal utopia.

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