Science & Origin of Goethite

Goethite is an iron hydroxide mineral that crystallizes in the form of masses, botryoidal, stalactites, and rarely, small prismatic crystals. The color of Goethite ranges from black, brown and silver, to lighter colors such as red, yellowish brown, and orange. J.G. Lenz first discovered this mineral in 1806 in Herdorf, Germany. He named it after the popular German poet and philosopher of that time, Johann Wolfgang von Goethe. Goethite is considered a fairly common mineral with an abundance in countries such as the UK, Australia, the USA, and Brazil.

Goethite has been used for thousands of years by many different civilizations. It was a popular pigment used to color paint, with some notable artifacts found containing Goethite within. The famous Caves of Lascaux in France contain numerous cave paintings of animals and human figures drawn with Hematite and Goethite pigment. These drawings are estimated to be over 16,000 years old. Now in more modern times, Goethite is processed for its Iron, while high grade specimens are sold on the mineral market or cut into rare and valuable jewelry pieces.

While NASA’s Spirit Rover was surveying the surface of Mars, it encountered large deposits of this mineral. This Iron abundance leads scientist and astrologist to believe that liquid water was once very common on this planet, and could have very well supported life.


Meaning & Energy

Goethite is a stone described as “one with the earth”, simply because of the connection one will develop with Mother Earth. Working with this stone repeatedly will help one fully root themselves down to this plane and look at life through a completely different set of lenses. Our root, sacral, and third eye all become activated when using this stone, with a clear channel between these chakras being formed. One will be able to take the visions that they see through their third eye and pull them down to a much more physical level. Once one sees a path is visible to their desires and goals, it becomes much more of a reality that they can be achieved. Our sacral chakra will go into overdrive and provide one the much needed creativity and strength needed to reach our highest desires.

Goethite is perfect for anyone wanting to ground and express their creative and sexual vibrations freely. We recommended meditating with this stone with the intention of expanding your creativity. Simply place this stone in front of you,close your eyes and allow your brain to focus on your current or future projects. Just let your mind work until you feel your ready, and then begin your task. One will soon realize the abundance of knowledge these small meditation sessions with Goethite will have on their craft. When one is working towards being more comfortable with expressing their sexuality, Goethite is here to help you! This stone will help one see the courage they have within needed to show your partner your truest desires. It's here to push you into action and provide one the confidence to voice their emotions and how they truly feel.

We suggest meditating with this stone outside and fully connect with Mother Nature and all her life forms. Goethite will help one acknowledge the abundance of energy that is surrounding us at any given second. Working with this stone will help one tap into these rejuvenating energies and help heal and replenish one’s emotional body.

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