Science & Origin of Gyrolite

Gyrolite, also known as Centrallasite, Glimmer Zeolite, and Gurolite, is a rare sodium calcium silicate hydrate mineral. This crystal is a member of the Zeolite family and crystallizes in the form of radiating spherical structures, usually within basalt. Gyrolite is found in a bright white color, but can also be seen as brown, grey, and sometimes green (very rare). This mineral was first discovered in Scotland, at The Storr on the island of Sykes in 1851. T. Anderson chose to name Gyrolite after the Greek word “Guros”, meaning circular or round. Since his discovery, only a few other localities have been able to produce the same quality of Gyrolite as that of Scotland. These localities include Poona, India, Northern Ireland, Italy, Greenland, the Faroe Islands, Canada, and the western USA. This rare crystal can also be found in association with almost all other Zeolite minerals, especially Okenite. Prehnite and Apophyllite are also common minerals that form with or near Gyrolite.

Meaning & Energy

Gyrolite helps one link their solar plexus, third eye, and crown chakras together. A unique channel forms between these 3 important chakras, allowing one to manifest their deepest desires while using higher knowledge and energy to push you towards it. Using one’s third eye, you will be able to better understand the path forward and the actions needed to get you exactly where you want to be. Gyrolite helps us link up to our spirit guides, assisting and guiding us along our life path. Deep meditation sessions will help one connect to these angels and better understand the messages and ideas they wish to channel. This mineral is somewhat of an “awakening” stone, helping one clear their mind of any “fog” so that they may begin writing a new chapter in their life book. Some practitioners have stated the desire to pursue new ideas and avenues, as well as taking up activities completely foreign, and sometimes even unknown.


We recommend meditating with Gyrolite and placing a well thought out intention into this magical stone. Focus on keeping a clear mind while envisioning your life with this intention becoming a reality. Allow your mind the creative freedom during this time to continue manifesting your future and the exact avenues you wish to take to achieve this dream. During this time, one may have an “epiphany”, and begin to cut out any negative vibrations you encounter daily. One will learn that this heavy, depressing energy is one of the main reasons we cannot achieve what we truly want in this world. Focusing on yourself and continuously doing this exercise will help one to fully enjoy the experience of life.

Crystal Pairings

Use this stone in combination with other high vibrational stones to help one immerse themselves in the spirit realm. Try meditating with Apophyllite, Stilbite, Phenacite, Quartz, or Rutile to enhance the strength of Gyrolite. All these stones, along with Gyrolite, will help one fully understand messages from the higher ups, as well as establish a permanent connection with these beings. 

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