Science & Origin of Nuummite

Nuummite, also known as Nuummit, is a very rare metamorphic rock that also happens to be the oldest mineral ever discovered, estimated to be around 3 billion years old. This unique crystal is made up of 2 relatively unknown minerals, Anthophyllite and Gertie. The first being a magnesium iron silicate, while the latter is in the family of lithium bearing amphiboles. Nuummite crystallizes in the form of laminates and masses, with a heavy majority of this mineral coming out of Greenland. Due to the extreme harsh weather of this country, this mineral is only capable of being mined a few months out of the year when the ground is not frozen. This mineral was first discovered by K. L. Giesecke in 1810 and was named after the area in Greenland in which it was found, Nuuk. Since his discovery over 200 years ago, only a tiny amount of Nuummite has been discovered in other places around the world. These extremely scarce localities include the Yukon River in Canada, Converse County, Wyoming, as well as Kainuu, Finland. This mineral is most commonly black, but can be found as a very dark brown. Often times there is iridescent spectral color within Nuummite that can show a variety of gold, blue, copper, purple, silver, green,and violet color spectrums through out. 

Meaning & Energy

Nuummite works towards bridging the spiritual and physical realms together, providing a channel for higher knowledge and transformative energy to grow and prosper. This stone helps unlock one’s third eye and activate your own unique psychic abilities. Inner vision of one's past lives, as well as messages from your guardian angels and spirit guides coming through to you during dreams or intense meditation sessions are fairly common when initially working with Nuummite. Try placing this stone over your third eye and allow the stones energy to directly be absorbed into your pineal gland. Pulsating vibrations will soon begin to imbue your entire body and elevate one’s entire consciousness. This mineral holds the key to many of Earth’s secrets, as well as the life that once existed on this planet. Working with this stone repeatedly and becoming more comfortable with the energy it holds is a huge part in understanding the mystery behind Nuummite. 


Nuummite also has a history of being a powerful protective talisman that can shield one from negative energy, black magic, evil deities and curses/spells. This stone will replenish one’s aura with purifying energy that will help clear one of any negative vibrations that may be attached to one’s etheric body. We recommend carrying a piece of Nuummite on you when you're exposed to an uncomfortable environment or surrounded by toxic individuals. This mineral will keep your energy protected and unaffected as you go about your daily life without the fear of being exposed to constant negativity. 

Crystal Pairings

We urge you to meditate with Nuummite and Moldavite together and allow this combined transformative energy to take over your entire mind and body. These powerful minerals together will help clear ones heart space and emotional body of old trauma and lingering emotions one can't seem to move forward from. The purifying energies of Nuummite help keep ones heart clear while being able to slowly heal itself and become stronger than ever before. One will begin a transformative journey that will push you forward into an exciting new life full of endless opportunity, love, and happiness. 

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