Science & Origin of Okenite

Okenite is a silicate mineral that forms within basalt rocks and geodes. It crystallizes in the form of tiny blade like crystals that resemble a cotton ball. This mineral looks as if it's covered in hair or fuzz, and can even resemble that when felt. Okenite’s crystal structure allows them to be bendable and move unlike any other crystal you may have seen before! Be careful not to bend each crystal too much, as it's still a very fragile mineral. Okenite was discovered by F. Von Kobell in 1828, and was named after the famed German Botanist, Lorenz Oken. Okenite is usually found in a pale to pearly white color, but can also be seen as yellow and very light blue. The most famous locality of Okenite is in the state of Maharashtra, India. It can also be found in Iceland, Greenland, the Faroe Islands, Chile, New Zealand, Ireland, and the USA. Most of these locations see Okenite forming near or in association with a variety of Zeolites, Apophyllite, or Prehnite .

Meaning & Energy

Okenite activates and unlocks our crown chakra, helping us process and understand knowledge from higher realms and dimensions. This stone provides mental clarity to anyone who works with it, and will help use that clarity in the dream realm and during deep meditative sessions. Although it's not necessarily a “dream stone”, Okenite can help one better understand the images we see within this realm and how it affects what we do here on Earth. Okenite helps one bridge the physical and spiritual worlds together, providing one with powerful high energy that can be used on this physical plane.This unique mineral is very powerful and brings in the energies and vibrations from higher dimensions and realms. Okenite is also a manifestation stone that can help one achieve their most sought after dreams and desires. It provides growth, life force energy, and vitality to anyone who attaches themselves to this stone. We suggest first setting your intentions into a piece of Okenite, then meditating with it immediately afterwards. Allow the stones energy to imbue your entire body and grant you extreme clarity of the mind. This new found mental space can be used to plan out step by step how one will achieve their dreams. No more “foggy” minds!


Crystal Pairings

Okenite may be too strong by itself for beginning practitioners and should be used in association with very strong grounding stones. These “Earthy” stones will provide one with an unbreakable connection to their home planet, and will help soften Okenite’s otherworldly energies. We recommend Black Tourmaline, , Obsidian (Black), or Galena.

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