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Covellite is a very rare copper sulfide mineral that crystallizes in the form of masses, hexagonal crystals, or as a secondary coating over other copper minerals. Finding Covellite in crystal form is extremely rare and can sell for thousands of dollars. This mineral was discovered by Italian mineralogist Niccolo Covelli, who found this mineral at the base of Mount Vesuvius. Unfortunately he died before the stone could be officially recorded, but was named in his honor by F.S Beaudant in 1832. The colors of Covellite range from a deep navy blue to a dark purple. Both of these colors can be seen with natural iridescence which usually draws immediate attention. Covellite can be found in small amounts all around the world in countries like Italy, Brazil, Austria, Argentina, China, Australia, and the USA. A few mines in Montana have pulled out some of the finest Covellite specimens the world has ever seen.

Covellite is a very powerful stone that helps one bridge the physical and ethereal realms together. Our minds become open and clear when working with Covellite, and will help one attune to the powerful energies these higher dimensions contain. One will notice their own unique psychic abilities slowly becoming awakened within them. Very lucid and clear dreams are a common sign of simply being able to understand and handle this higher knowledge being channeled through us. This knowledge can be messages from spirit guides or guardian angels, foreshadowing of upcoming events, or a sign to make a change in your life. Covellite helps you ground these energies down to Earth and use them along your life path.


When one wants to specifically work on unlocking their third eye and activating their psychic abilities, we recommend laying down and placing a piece of covellite directing on your forehead. Take deep breaths and gently focus on the pulsating effect that will become stronger with every beat. This is Covellite and the magical energy it posses entering your body, pushing your entire being into a higher frequency. As one becomes attuned with this higher energy, they will soon have more control over their third eye and being able to activate it with ease, This will also help one in the dream realm by being able to see more clearly and have more control over yourself in these experiences. When you first begin working with this stone, we suggest you carry it with you each day to slowly adjust to Covellite’s energies. It’s output of vibrations can be very intense and ultimately even too much for some to handle starting out. If you continue to have trouble attuning yourself to Covellite, we recommend adding some grounding stones such as Black Tourmaline, Onyx, or Hematite. All these stones will keep your rooted down to Earth until your finally ready to make the “leap” and work with Covellite by itself!

Covellite is the perfect stone for any psychics, mediums, channelers, scribes, reiki practitioners, and even therapists. It truly helps one utilize their powerful skills and push them to exceed and master their craft. Covellite will help one become more connected with their clients and help get a better understanding of their perspective and what it is their currently experiencing.

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