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Lazulite is an aluminum magnesium iron phosphate that crystallizes in the form of masses, and rarely, displaying a small pyramidal crystal pattern. This stone can be seen as various shades of blue, although the most common color on the market is it’s azure-indigo blue. Lazulite was first discovered back in 1795 by Martin H. Klaproth in Styria, Austria. He named it after the German word “lazurstein”, which translates to “Blue stone”. Since his discovery in Austria, Lazulite veins have been discovered all over the world. India, Sweden, Brazil, Australia, Canada, Madagascar, and the USA are just a few countries that contain an abundance of this mineral, with Canada recently providing the world with some of the most beautiful Lazulite crystal specimens we’ve ever seen.

Its very common to find Lazulite occurring in association with a variety of other minerals due to it being formed in pegmatites and Quartz rich rock. Some of those minerals can be Muscovite, blue and black Kyanite, Rutile, Sapphire, Tourmalines of almost all colors, Quartz, and Albite. Finding just Lazulite alone in crystallized form is extremely valuable because of how often it’s found with other minerals. These specimens are extremely rare and will sell for thousands of dollars.

A common misconception is that Lazulite is the primary crystal in


Lapis Lazuli. Although they share similar qualities, properties, and colors, Lazulite is actually not found within Lapis Lazuli. Instead, it’s the mineral known as “Lazurite” thats found in Lapis Lazuli. Both share very similar spelling and is often even mistaken by experts at times.

Lazulite’s high vibrational energy immediately directs itself to one’s third eye and helps activate one’s own unique psychic abilities. This powerful mineral helps us attune to higher vibrations and assist one in becoming more comfortable with this energy each day. Working with this stone will help one gain insight into their nightly dreams and understand what the purpose, meaning, and depiction of elements, images, and emotions are in this realm. Lazulite will also help one “disconnect” from this physical realm and assist one during times of astral projection and out of body experiences during sleep or deep meditation. It provides comfort in these new and unknown experiences while raising ones mental capacity to absorb higher knowledge from spirit beings and guardian angels. This knowledge is here to serve us on our life path and pushes our souls in the direction they truly want to go in. So often in this physical world does our brain do the thinking and deciding for us, leaving our hearts and souls, which contain our most pure emotions and ideas, to remain silent. Working with this stone repeatedly will allow one to ground the knowledge they’ve learned down to Earth, where it can then be used in the pursuit of one's goals and desires .

We highly recommend carrying a piece of Lazulite with you each day if you are someone trying to bridge the spiritual and physical worlds together. Simply being exposed to this powerful energy each day will allow one to passively live their daily lives at a higher frequency. One will soon realize how strong one’s mind can become, and the intuitive effects that come with carrying this stone each day. If you're looking for assistance for grounding this new found energy, we recommend carrying Hematite and Covelite. Hematite will help pull this energy down to Earth, while Covelite will provide one with the extra strength needed to bridge the physical and spiritual realms together.


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